Prince Harry: I've suffered genetic pain

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  • eyeslice

    Time to finally get rid of the outdated monarchy I would suggest.

  • Simon
    Can someone define "genetic" pain?

    It seems to be the awfulness of having to do a little work in between the yachts, horse-riding, free-tickets to cup-final, wimbledon etc...

    I mean, cutting those ribbons can almost cause blisters!

    Yes, the Royal Family are "on display", but only to the extent they attract it and really is it that big a price to pay for what they get in return? There are plenty of Royals that you don't see much of or only see when they are doing their official duties so it does seem to be in their own hands to a large extent.

    Dianna went seeking attention and used the media for her own ends so I don't think she's the innocent victim that many make out, but I can understand why Harry has that opinion of what happened.

    Now he's married Meghan and she also seems to want to court attention and use the media when it suits her, so I have no sympathy if the media sometimes isn't kind - if you go round screaming "woe is me" and waving for them to point the camera at you, some people will treat you like a circus show thing ... because you are.

  • MeanMrMustard


    I accept your definition and further declare my utter apathy for his situation. That is all.

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    I agree loveuni, sadly, he is quickly losing any credibility he might have once had.

  • shadowclone

    I suspect that there aren't any members of the Royal Family on here so no one really knows what they're talking about. Money isn't everything

  • Vidqun

    Perhaps what he is referring to is a disaster or stress-related happening is sometimes "remembered" in the gene sequence. For example, a great drought during the time of your forebears is "written up" in your gene sequence. Another is the victims of the holocaust or the suffering during a long and drawn out war. His mother was hounded by the paparazzi, causing stress, and all that was captured in his gene sequence. Today he hates the paparazzi.

  • Vidqun

    To demonstrate the above: We have a dog. We've had her since she was a puppy. When she encountered an old rusted, rolled-up cubboard hinge in the backyard, she froze. It looked like a snake. She was petrified. She would not even go into the backyard with thing there. As far as we know she has never been in contact with a snake. Very few if any snakes where we are. But somewhere in her genetic pool there's written up a bad experience with a big snake. If not that, it's hard to explain.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Harry's playing the victim, but I'm calling bullshit.

    There are real victims in this world - people dying of Covid, Yemenis being bombed by Saudi Arabia, etc.

    Harry Markle ain't no victim, get the f**k outta here, lol.

  • punkofnice

    These idiots fled to California for privacy then did everything to be anything but private. Ginge then told us we need to save water from his mansion with 16 bathrooms.

    Why does anything they say sound like sh1t?

    Attention seekers. How long before Meghan leaves him for someone that'll make her more of a celeb?

    Like i care. The media just irritate me by rolling them out when there's a slow news day.

  • DesirousOfChange

    It must be tough when you're the #2 son all of your life. His only ticket to stardom was to kill off the older brother. Fast forward and now he's got some 2nd fiddle starlet to play the fiddle for his sad song.

    Losers. (Just because you have cash does not make you anything more than that.)

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