81 Year Old Sister Decides To Telephone Witness On A Whim

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  • minimus

    The real point is you can't break the elder's rules. If you do, you won't get a territory or a telephone.


    The elders could give the entire "Do Not Call" list to this elderly lady ... it would go something like this ... after a Sunday meeting:

    Sister Sweet old lady: "Brother Pompous elder, do you have a territory for l'il ol' meee?"

    Brother Pompous Elder: (Using pompous voice) (And thinking he is superior to nearly illiterate sister) "All the territories are out!"

    Sister Sweet old lady: "Well, there must be something I can do. Or I can't put in a report. Then you'd look bad for having an irregular sister under your care!"

    Brother Pompous Elder: (shuffling through his book bag) "Here's a list ... dunno what it's for ..."

    Sister Sweet old lady: "Have these people been called on recently?"

    Brother Pompous elder: "Lets see ... says here not for at least a year..."

    Sister Sweet old lady: "Well, it's high time they were contacted!"

    Brother Pompous elder: "Well, see what you can do with it ... Let me know!"

    Sister Sweet old lady: "Thanks brother Pompous elder! I'll start calling as soon as I get home"

    Just a thought ...


  • SheilaM
    She is a very confused, illiterate woman

    What would that matter...or did you mean she is not articulate?

  • blondie

    I remember some of the anointed who never bothered with territories. They just picked an area and started "preaching." Nothing the elders said or did could constrain them. One elder mentioned that one older brother said God's sheep were everywhere and that was where he was going to go.


  • minimus

    She is very confused and illiterate. She is uneducated and can barely read.

  • orangefatcat

    Here here , brother blues, you are so right and alot of older people have alot of chutzpah and get up and go. I have extreme adoration for older folk who are fearless under almost every adversity. Look at some of the worlds great thinkers, explorers, archeologists, palentologists, with their frontier spirit. One person who immediatley comes to my mind is Albert Scwhitzer and the saint of the poor and indisposed, Mother Thersea. Something the younger generations wouldn't know about. The whine when they have to walk a few feet to a bus stop. There is no stamina like that of a good ole senior citzen. So lets hear for those fine folks, they are the cream of the crop.!!

    Mouthy you are one sweet senior citizen and when I get to be your age I hope I have an ounce of your strength. You are truly a forger in life. Go girl go.!!! Love ya too.

    Love Orangefatcat.

    mouthy the forger of life
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