I was wondering: Am I the only Belgian ex-member of the JW on this site?

by Prins Vaillant 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • Prins Vaillant
    Prins Vaillant

    Hey Prodigalone

    Nice to hear from you. Gembloux... that's also the French-speaking part, isn't it? I always visited Dutch-speaking meetings so I don't think I ever met you in real life. I'm out now for nearly six years.

    Prins V

  • Matty

    There's Berten as well. He's been here for a good while, and he's Flemish too!


  • berten

    No you're not,as Matty pointed out already...

  • Makena1

    Welcome Prins!

    Your post about Belgium caught my eye. My father graduated from the 9th class of Gilead and served as missionary in Belgium 1947-1956I. At first he was assigned to French speaking region, but soon afterward to Antwerp area where he learned Flemish. He was (passed away last year at 89 yrs) good friends with the Gillettes, who I think are still at the Branch office.

    I was born in Antwerp and lived there for almost 2 years before my parents had to return to the USA. So, I never learned Flemish. I returned with my parents in 1969 to attend the international assembly that year in Nuremburg. We visited all over Belgium, spending most of our time in the Antwerp area.

    If I recall any other family names from that time period will PM you.

    All best,


  • Prins Vaillant
    Prins Vaillant

    Hey Berten! Nice to meet you! I'm from "Oost-Vlaanderen" :) Where are you from? Do you know of others lurking here? It would be strange that we are the only two in all those years.

    And for the last poster! Maybe I know the name of your father... most of the "great names" are familiar for me... is he in the yearbook about Belgium?



  • berten

    I am in Oostende,and as far as I know the two of us might be the only Belgians...

  • prodigal_one

    Yep, Gembloux is in the French part, but then I've been out of it for over 8 years now, and sure am happy about it too!

    In Any case, what's your story?


  • Prins Vaillant
    Prins Vaillant

    My story was pm'd to him. Sorry folks ;)

    What about my picture? ;)

    Kinda cool ;)

    Prins V

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    So far no Belgians have asked to be added to the maps


  • freein89

    I would be if only I was from there

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