I was wondering: Am I the only Belgian ex-member of the JW on this site?

by Prins Vaillant 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • Prins Vaillant
    Prins Vaillant

    I am still a newbee because I was a lurker for 6 years :) But in all those years I never saw one posting from a Belgian ex-jw. It would be so comforting to see somebody from my own area. So I would like to address the Belgians and ask them to reveal themselves to me. Maybe we know each other... from our shared past. Hope to hear something about you...


    Prins V

  • willyloman

    Apparently so, although there IS a Belgian waffle club and you're welcome to join us for breakfast.

    That's just a little example of Yankee humor.

    Welcome to the board!

  • Narkissos

    I know at least one: "motema bolingo" (check on "Member directory"). He seldom posts here but has a French-speaking site with a number of Belgian members...

  • Prins Vaillant
    Prins Vaillant

    Thanks Willoman and Narkissos... But I'm from the Flemish part (Dutch speaking) and my French is terrible :) Maybe tommorow some real Dutch speaking Belgians will show up *fingers crossed* ;) I know Vivamus but she is from the Netherlands!

    Prins V.

  • PopeOfEruke

    Dear Prince Valiant,

    I can be a Belgian if you promise to send a case of some of your GREAT Belgian beer!!!

    Actually my Dad lived in Antwerp for some years following WW1, He loved it!!! Something about Belgian girls, I remember him saying.........

    Cheers bro!


  • Prins Vaillant
    Prins Vaillant

    Pope of Eruke! Thank you for your posting! We're getting closer.

    Prins V

  • Celia

    Motema Bolingo, or Jacques Luc, great guy. Don't know if he speaks flemish though...

    Here is his wonderful site : http://users.skynet.be/jacques.luc/

  • blondie

    My only Belgian connection is Hercule Poirot.

    I visited Belgium as a child. Beautiful countryside!


  • Prins Vaillant
    Prins Vaillant

    Thanks for the site! Hey blondie, are you from where you seem to come from? You look younger

    Prins V

  • prodigal_one

    Hey there, not belgian, but living here and disassociated myself from the JW english speaking congregation in BXL.

    I've been out fo the JWs for a long time now, but only last year, my family cut me off completely. Such is life...

    In any case, I am in the Gembloux region.

    Got to run, am at work.

    the prodigal

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