Cancer in Animals

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  • Vidiot

    One of my big "wait, what?" moments was - after learning about the biological process that caused aging in humans (telomerase reduction in cell subdivision) - also learning that that exact same process caused aging in virtually every other living organism on the planet...

    ...not some "flaw in the mold" unique to humans that kept repeating itself, generation after generation (this was explicitly mentioned in the Memorial talk this year, BTW, so I assume it's still the WTS's official company line)...

    ...and that it was impossible for the entire animal kingdom to be "guilty of Adamic Sin", so WTF???

  • Vidiot

    Not to mention that the idea that humans would live indefinitely if not for some inherited condition can be refuted using the WTS's own Bible.

    The Genesis account itself states that Adam and Eve were expelled from Eden specifically to cut off their access to the "Tree of Life", and thusly prevent them from living forever...

    ...thereby implying that they would grow old and die simply by being without it (i.e. as a natural process), rather than some nebulous hereditary flaw caused by the act of "sinning".

    The Org conveniently fails to mention this little bit.

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