Cancer in Animals

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  • Normalfulla

    We were taught sickness and death is a result of the sin inherited from Adam and Eve, so why do animals get cancer? They are supposedly still as big J intended, so therefore cancer is a creation by the big fella himself?. Just an exercise for one's who believe in the whole Bible story thing.. (not me)... any others anomalies you can think of ?

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    The cancer thing in animals will be explained away by JW's by saying it was Adam and Eve's fault. They raised imperfect sinful children who ruined the earth with chemicals and so made the animals sick.

    I just think that there is examples where God does things he tells us not to do. Like when he was chastising the israelites about blaming the children for what the parents did. Um isn't that what you did when you cursed A and E, effectively cursing all the children born to them? Children who didn't eat a forbidden fruit?

    Not that I believe that anymore.

  • berrygerry

    Was wondering that very thought lately.

    Why do animals experience deformities, sickness, and death, just as humans?

    The notion that God will "restore" human biology to eliminate death, but will not do the same for animals, is absurd.

  • atomant

    How do the dubs explain fish getting cancer?

  • smiddy3

    Their are many scriptures in the Bible that claim God is a protector of animals in that he has laid down laws to protect the animals. As the O.P. points out animals suffer many of the afflictions humans have , then why is that ?

    Maybe that is all bullshit that he cares about animals. .Consider a few pointers .

    God has shown his thirst for blood when he approved Abel`s sacrifice over Cain`s { surely the first fruits of the earth should have satisfied a God ?}

    He destroyed every living animal and bird life in the world in the flood of Noah`s day { apparently not marine life }

    And throughout the Old Testament God has continually sought blood sacrifices of bulls,Sheep ,Birds ,

    1 Kings 8:63-66 , 22,000 cattle and 120,000 sheep slaughtered to inaugurate the house of Jehovah {a bit of an overkill don`t you think?}

    Animals are supposed to act on instinct that the creator instilled in them right ?

    How do bears know that their are Salmon migrating up river to spawn and they prey on them at the right time ?

    How do birds know that their are fish in the ocean that they can dive in and feed off ?

    How do land animals know their is food for them in the ocean or rivers if it is not already instilled in them from creation by God.

    Isa.11:6-9 It has never been the case and will never be the case ,animals ,bird life and marine life never had anything to do with the so called fall of man and their is no justification for their suffering that they do .

  • purrpurr

    It's because of a little known bible verse in Benisus chapter 3 v 34

    34"And lo! The snake did approach jup-jup the monkey and he did say unto him 'see those naked ass humans over there? Well they just got hella smart from eating that Apple, I bet they will be able to kill and eat you and your kind now and truly I say to you, they shall wear your skin to cover their nakedness. Eat of the Apple too and you shall be able to outsmart them!' 35 And so Jup-jup did eat of the Apple and he did give some to his fellow monkeys and they did eat of the apples too.36 But when the snake got to hear that the monkeys did eat of the apples he proceeded to laugh heartily and declare 37 'lo now you and your kind shall be cursed, for the ilogical God that hath made all of us had decreed that none should eat of these apples, which is why he put them there and made them look so good. Now shall he curse you truly and all of your kind!' 38 When the monkeys got to hear this they hooted and screeched bitterly and they did give Chase to the snake and upon catching him they proceeded to beat him violently against a tree untill he was dead."

    I hope these scriptures explain the answer to your question now? ;)

  • purrpurr

    Seriously? No one likes my invented scripture? I worked hard on that guys! For like all of 10 mins!


  • EverApostate

    Seems the animal's Ancestors also sinned and inherited imperfection.

    Of course the Bible never mentions about this but we can get an answer in the new world. Just hang in there.

  • ElderEtta


    I enjoyed your humor

  • purrpurr

    Benisus 3 v 39

    "Then did the Angel of the Lord appear to jup-jup and the two female monkeys that he was currently boning, 40 and the Angel of the Lord proceeded to say to jup-jup 'for eating of the forbidden fruit (that exsisted for some reason) and heeding the deception of the evil snake, now shall you and your kind shall be cursed forever! From the tree tops shall you swing and upon the yellow penis shaped fruit shall you eat, for from bananas you were formed and to bananas you shall return!' 41 But jup-jup shook his head and proclaimed 'this sh*ts bananas!' 42 And the Angel of the lord did drive the monkeys from the garden of Eden with his hot throbbing sword (which is totally not an euphemism at all) 43 but when the second female of jup-jups boning got to see the sword she stopped running and 44 at once the Angel of the Lord struck her upon her private parts and her bottom at once turned blue, 45 and have not the bottoms of the monkeys been blue ever since?"

    Here endth the lesson, so we see here brothers that the monkeys sinned just as much as the humans, evidently the other species of animals also sinned as well.

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