Watchtower Authority - Part 1

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  • fearnotruth22

    First by saying The Societ or the WTS we actually mean the annointed represented by the fds who mysteriously is God's agency who is an eartlty representaion of the Messianic Kingdom. This agency uses the legal corporations as a means of dispensing food at the proper time and to preach the gn of the kingdom. The fds no longer holds any office in the wts or the other corps formed (to stash the cash and to make it mored idiificult to sue). BY proxy JWS represent God on earth. No the GB or the annointed but the JWS as an org however the g claims to be the channel that God uses to communicate with humans today by progreesive light enabeling them to understand his WORD. Jesus claimed to be the Messiah and his claim stood up. Jws repersented by the GB claim to be annoined heirs a corulers of the Messianic kingdom having authority given to them by JC. Can you discredit these claims? I dont think it could be done.

  • jgnat

    Fruit - watch out for bad fruit and unfruitfulness (Matthew 3:9-10, 7:16-20, 12:33). Fruitfulness grows exponentially (Matthew 13:18). Those who abide in Jesus are fruitful. (John 15:5) A fruitful person is loving (John 15:9-10, 15:17, Col 1:4-6) Bad fruit is produced by caving to our "flesh" - selfish desires. (Romans 7:4-5). Good fruit includes works of charity, goodness, righteousness, good works, knowledge of God, patience, longsuffering, joy, and truth (Romans 5:26-28, Eph 5:9, Collosians 1:9-11) Where is the fruit in the WTBTS? (Matthew 7:22-23 Matthew 25:41-45)

    No fruit, no claim. Watchtower and Awake don?t count. Are the people crying for free magazines?

    And which of you, being a father, will give a stone to his son, who makes request for bread? or for a fish, will give him a snake? Or for an egg, will give him a scorpion? If, then, you who are evil are able to give good things to your children, how much more will your Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who make request to him? Luke 11:11-13 (BBE)

  • franklin J
    franklin J

    In my opinion, and not to repeat Devon and Stilla, whom I agree with ; the Watchtower society has only as much power and inflluence as its devoted members will allow it. In their MINDS ( and in the minds of its governing members) it represents the Almightys earthly presence.

    Simply stated, it is all in the mind of its followers; poor souls.

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