The Idea of God.

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  • Blueblades

    The question of God is not a problem,but rather a mystery.Just as death,evil,suffering and love are mysteries.Whereas,how to cure cancer,the number of atoms in the sun,did shakespeare write shakespeare are problems.How to make people good is a mystery,how to kill them is a problem.

    The question of God is a mystery to the believer ,not to the unbeliever.The believer finds his identity,the meaning of life and purpose and hope of his life,and the ultimate foundation for his morality in God.

    The unbeliever believes that he has freed and detached himself from from the idea of God,as from an illusion,like a man waking up from a dream,no longer under its spell.

    So the idea of God is not a conclusion,that one would use to solve problems,but a mystery,for no one can ever conclude that they claim to know everything knowable about God,or to fully and adequately comprehend the nature or essence referred to by that concept.Hence,no conclusion can be drawn and it remains a mystery.


  • fearnotruth22

    God was the conclusion ancient humans came to based on observation and to explain the mysteries and the unexplainable. For example, the human mind in the quest to find the causitive beginning of life concluded GOD. . Why did people get sick? Ancient humans did not understand medicine hence they concluded God. why some years crops good other years crap, people concluded God. Horrible plagues volcanoes earhquakes floods, conclusion horible God and so on.. hence people wanted to appease and befriend GOD and devised worships. Again as I said before God is not an idea but an attempt to find answers and solutions to mysteries.

    Explaining the NATURE of God is another issue. People conjured up the personalties of gods they though were reponsible. But waht all humams agrre on is God as the answer although six men went to see the elephant though all of them were blind.

    "the first aproached the elephant and happening to take the swinging trunk within his hand thus boldly up and spake"God bless me but the elephant is very like a snake"

    "I see" quote he "God bless me but the elepahnt is very like a tree
  • Carmel

    People have clamored for miracles for proof of the prophets, why shouldn't they stoop to demand the same for God? An evil generation seeketh a sign!!


  • Siddhashunyata

    An "idea" by any other name ( "conclusion" ) is still an "idea". We are able to do this ( "ideation, thinking, conceptualizing" ) because of the cerebal cortex. The process "itself" is an encumbrance to the direct experience of "what is". Until this issue is understood there will only be "ideas" and the problem with ideas is that cannot "hold" enough. They are limited . The "Mystery" can only be encountered and it is the thinking process itself that is in the way.

  • Sirona


    God has never only been portrayed as male, we see numerous female and infant gods /goddesses.


    I see your point (I think).

    IMO, God exists, but we put our own interpretation on this Ultimate Force. Hence, we "see" god as human, or animal. God manifests to us in a way we can understand. So yes, Jehovah, Zeus, Isis, Hera, Astarte, Kwan Yin.....are human interpretations of the same ALL, they are parts of the All.

    Just my HO


  • gumby
    So where do I start? I don't. Except to say, I guess the first question that started this whole thing in the first place:

    "Where did I come from?"

    I agree. This is the sole reason man has searched for...."god". To find who and why we are here has been mans he invents an idea.

    Small tribes who have NEVER been influenced by 'OTHER' people........invents god(s). It is part of a humans makeup to ponder the idea.......that someone bigger and greater is out there watching.


  • fearnotruth22

    agree idea, concept, conclusion from that perspective, but there is a difference between idea and conclusion depending on what you mean

  • Siddhashunyata

    fearnotruth22, yes, from the position that they are all thoughts then they are the same , they are all thoughts. But that is the point. Unless one sees how thought interferes with perception then one cannot get beyond " thinking". One cannot get beyond the process ( thinking) that is obscuring reality. With thought it is impossible to encounter that which has been called "God". Thought is in the way. That's why the religious "scene" is such a circus . Its one thought encountering another. Its endless because the problem is being seen as the solution . Thinking.

  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger

    Gumby - perfect point. I agree whole heartedly. There are many tribes and peoples that have no concept of a god. No worries. They know what they know. They believe, what they believe. Does that mean they are condemned? (by who? hmmmmmmmm)

    They have no stress, no concept of what's wrong and right except what's tought in their tribe. What's wrong to us is right to them, and vice versa. We are tought these concepts. Just like fear.

    A child is not afraid of a picture of Freddy Krueger. It is only when we associate that picture to a scary movie or situation that it becomes frightning. A child just sees a figure, he/she has no concept of fear. It is an association.

    What we associate we learn, what we learn, we believe, what we believe, becomes fact - TO US. That doesn't mean it is true.

    God where are you?


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Very interesting and thought provoking thread.

    It is disputable whether such a being is a fact or a fantasy

    Except to those who have had an undeniable personal experience.

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