Paying twice for everything sold

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  • closer2fine

    i'm so sad, i didn't pay either time. i was broke & needed it for gas $$ & so i could eat (regular pioneering pays nothing & i was always stuck driving - no one ever gave me gas $$)


  • ball.

    hmmm, dunno if it was a U.S. thing or just me that got it wrong, I used to pay for the literature, pioneer rate, then put money towards the next lot.

    Still made a loss somewhere.

  • JH
    it PLACES them with householders who may make a voluntary contribution if they wish

    And like an elder TOLD ME, if they don't pay, DON'T LET THEM HAVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • stillajwexelder

    And like an elder TOLD ME, if they don't pay, DON'T LET THEM HAVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You are shitting me surely?

  • JH

    No, I'm telling the truth. Do you want his name..

    Mr. Cheap elder says that paper is expensive. So often he told me Don't let them have a magazine unless they show that they are VERY VERY interested. And of course they must pay to have it. Talk instead, that's free.

    I couldn't get over his attitude.

  • JH

    I never did get along with that elder. I was the shy type that rathered give them a magazine than spending long minutes talking to them. That elder was just the opposite and rathered just talk to them and maybe leave a magazine if they paid.

    2 weeks ago that same elder came over with another elder to ask why I wasn't going to the hall. When they left, the better elder reached out to give me a magazine, and the cheap elder said no don't give him any, but it was too late, I already had it in my hands........

    Also, I remember the last times I went to the hall on a Sunday. I just showed up after not going for months, and they never gave me a Watchtower magazine to follow because they couldn't find any. They were out of magazines. That happened often. When I was active many years ago, they always kept many copies incase new people would show up. Now they order very little magazines and make sure that there is NO waste.


  • stillajwexelder

    That is an appalling attitude and I think they can not truly say it is all by voluntary donation if that is the case - -so yet another lie -- unless this elder was giving his own opinion

  • Voice

    So far, this thread convinces me that JWs are either too gullible to notice any error in their thinking or they have too much to lose should they decide to speak out against the authority of the WTBTS. In other words, it only serves to strenghten any position one may choose to take against the authority of the WBTS.

  • blondie

    Actually, it wasn't until 1990 with the "donation" arrangement that you had to give the money the householder paid you for the publications back to the WTS.

    You paid for your magazines at the counter, 25 cents each toward the end.

    You offered them to the householder for 25 cents each, they paid you and you kept the money to be used to buy more magazines.

    If you gave them away, you were out the 25 cents though not the WTS since they had their money.

    There was a time where publishers paid less than what the householder paid, 5 cents less I think. That was back in the 60's and early 70's. That way the publisher made a little profit to pay for gas and shoe leather.

    Regular pioneers used to pay 1 cent for the magazines and offered them for 5 cents. I can remember paying 5 cents for the blue Truth book and offering it for 25 cents.

    Since 1990, no money is collected from publishers when they pick up their magazines. They are expected to donate anonymously to the box marked "worldwide work." A few congregations put an intimidating box on the magazine counter. But I have not seen that in the 20 congregations in my area or the over 30 congregations I have visited over the last 14 years. Then if the publisher can get the courage to ask for a donation and gets one, theoretically the WTS gets money twice.

    My experience is that few JWs ask for donations. Few non-JWs donate. And some JWs "forget" to give the money to the box. I heard special needs talks on this forgetfulness. The WTS used to have a built in donations that they could bank on in the old arrangement. They knew how many magazines were on order with the congregations and they knew that JWs would pick them up and pay for them. Now it is so variable, I'm sure they can't make any financial plans based on publication donations.

    Too bad, WTS, maybe God is not on your side blessing you financially.


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