PROOF of the existence of the spirit realm? Check this out!!!

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  • drwtsn32
    Contemporary science helps to support and further mans material desires and has little to do with esoteric & spiritual studies.

    Science doesn't touch anything that is not testable or not falsifiable. That's a good thing. It has nothing to do with what scientists "desire."

  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger
    The session was also filmed as part of a television documentary. Fortunately, Philip was not stage shy and performed above expectations. Besides table rappings, other noises around the room and making lights blink off and on....

    Yes crinklestein,

    You are right, they didn't capture the levitation on film, but the noises and lights they did, from my understanding. Hoax? Maybe, but I doubt it? Who knows?

    Thanks El Blanko for some of your recommendations, I'll check it out.

    Anybody else? What's your take?


  • Sargon

    Actually Freddy I did tape it but in my condition I forgot where I put the tape. But that doesn't mean it didn't happen.

  • bebu

    Here's a link to a photograph of a palace ghost... ?

    Back to rappings, etc.

    One of our Hong Kong students a few years back told me that she was not feeling well. After chatting awhile, I learned that she frightened: she was hearing voices to commit suicide, and things were moving around on her dresser as she watched them. She was petrified that she was losing her mind!

    I kept my composure over hearing all of this, and told her that I believed her (she is one of the most honest young women I know). I spent a long while telling her that she was very normal. I learned more details from her about why she thought she was being oppressed, and dealt with it from that angle. The trouble stopped; she has told me several times since (when I've inquired) that these things have not returned since.


  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Where is this alleged film? Where can I see it?

    Magicians Penn &Teller put on their shows with excellent lighting and quite often with excellent video or photographic recordings of their accomplishments.

    Penn & Teller will tell you that they are illusionists, and although the things seen may appear to defy the laws of nature, they do not. What the things seen DO defy is the ability of the human mind to determine correctly what is going on.

    I notice from doing a web search for additional information on Phillip that the film has gone missing.

    What an unfortunate blow to man's search for the reality behind reality. One would think that such a film would have been treasured, perhaps safely ensconced in the national archives. but it isn't.

    Maybe it's in heaven.

    A sailboat moves across a lake powered by invisible forces. Does this "prove" the existence of a spirit realm populated with gods and monsters? Hardly; in the case of the sailboat, the "invisible force" acting on it is the wind, a completely natural (not supernatural) physical (not metaphysical) phenomenon.

    Are you familiar with the "fairy" hoax that was perpetrated in 1917 by a couple of schoolgirls from the village of Cottingley in the UK on people who wanted to believe, including Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, whose investigative skills apparently were not equal to those of his creation, Sherlock Holmes. It was photographed too.

    For more on this, see here:

  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger

    Yes, I agree Nathan the film should be treasured. So, like I said this could be a hoax. If everyone involved in the party was in on it is another matter. Reading about it like I said, it looks like they wanted to prove something psychologically. Then they got more. ????????? If actually performed and not acted out.

    I too am a fan of Penn & Teller. Also I am well aware Houdini debunked almost all seances and the likes of pychics. I was interested in this case because of the fact of it's psychological aspect. Then again, a hoax is a hoax. There is a very good book (totally fiction) by David Ambrose called "Superstition" which fictionalizes this account. There is also many studies being conducted on this subject of "Parapsychology"

    Oh, also I am very familiar with the fairy incident. They pulled that off for awhile too. I didn't look at your link yet but if I recall The bellybuttons turned out to be pinheads on the photographs.

    The above is a really interesting link on the subject of concioussness-related physical phenomena. My whole interest is if the concious is doing this. Even mind over matter, or telekenisis. (Which is an entirely different study) What does that say about our physical realm, or energy level of the universe? Ghosts could be just another by-product of the mind. However there is something then going on beneath the surface of what we call reality regardless. What is the cause? That is the question?

    -Freddy Very Confused

  • El blanko
    El blanko
    Science doesn't touch anything that is not testable or not falsifiable.

    Another remarkable aspect of contemporary human science is that it will never be able to strip apart our universe "completely" and get to grips with every aspect of our design. Amazing isn't it.

    Pop along and witness attempts at defining our human consciousness. At that point the community begins to levitate towards the distinctly esoteric areas of past spiritual definitions of our "inner self" being timeless and simply being suspended above the physical timeline etc. It all starts to sound as though we have a seperate entity driving the controls. A seperate entity, surely not. That begins to sound curiously mystical in content. Quick - back to base, we can't define it correctly, so therefore we refuse to believe in the wisdom of the ancients.

    Sorry - just rolling out thoughts

  • rem

    El Banko,

    Your description of the so called scientific ramblings about conciousness are a tad out of date. Pick up Daniel Dennet's Conciousness Explained*. You will find that the cartesian model of conciousness as you have described is outmoded and has been for some time. Scientists who know what they are talking about don't use such sloppy language... philosophers on the other hand...


    *A somewhat overly ambitious title

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