PROOF of the existence of the spirit realm? Check this out!!!

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  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger

    Hey everybody, I don't know if this has been talked about before, but here is an amazing case that is documented and took place in the seventies. Is it a spirit? Is it our mind? In my opinion regardless of that answer, this does show proof of a spirit realm. Whether it be demons or mind over matter, or dead loved ones, who knows? But something is going on. Unless of course this was a hoax, but it was filmed and there is countless sites and research on this. O.k. Enjoy and let me get your thoughts. Thanks.


    How to Create a Ghost
    In the 1970s, a psychical research group "invented" a spirit named Philip. To their astonishment, Philip actually made contact with them through a host of incredible psychokinetic phenomena.

    A group of teenagers gathered around a Ouija board receives mysterious messages from a person's spirit who claims to have died 40 years ago. A paranormal society conducts a séance where they contact a ghost that communicates though table rappings. The residents of a century-old home continually see the spirit of a young child playing in the hallway.

    What are these manifestations? Are they truly the ghosts of departed people? Or are they creations of the minds of the people who see them?

    Many researchers of the paranormal suspect that ghostly manifestations and poltergeist phenomena (objects flying through the air, unexplained footsteps and door slammings) are products of the human mind. To test that idea, a fascinating experiment was conducted in the early 1970s by the Toronto Society for Psychical Research (TSPR) to see if they could create a ghost. The idea was to assemble a group of people who would make up a completely fictional character and then, through séances, see if they could contact him and receive messages and other physical phenomena - perhaps even an apparition.

    The results of the experiment - which were fully documented on film and audiotape - are astonishing.

    The Birth of Philip

    The TSPR, under the guidance of Dr. A.R.G. Owen, assembled a group of eight people culled from its membership, none of whom claimed to have any psychic gifts. The group, which became known as the Owen group, consisted of Dr. Owen's wife, a woman who was the former chairperson of MENSA (an organization for high-IQ people), an industrial designer, an accountant, a housewife, a bookkeeper and a sociology student. A psychologist named Dr. Joel Whitton also attended many of the group's sessions as an observer.

    The group's first task was to create their fictional historical character. Together they wrote a short biography of the person they named Philip Aylesford. Here, in part, is that biography:

    Philip was an aristocratic Englishman, living in the middle 1600s at the time of Oliver Cromwell. He had been a supporter of the King, and was a Catholic. He was married to a beautiful but cold and frigid wife, Dorothea, the daughter of a neighboring nobleman.

    One day when out riding on the boundaries of his estates Philip came across a gypsy encampment and saw there a beautiful dark-eyed girl raven-haired gypsy girl, Margo, and fell instantly in love with her. He brought her back secretly to live in the gatehouse, near the stables of Diddington Manor - his family home.

    For some time he kept his love-nest secret, but eventually Dorothea, realizing he was keeping someone else there, found Margo, and accused her of witchcraft and stealing her husband. Philip was too scared of losing his reputation and his possessions to protest at the trial of Margo, and she was convicted of witchcraft and burned at the stake.

    Philip was subsequently stricken with remorse that he had not tried to defend Margo and used to pace the battlements of Diddington in despair. Finally, one morning his body was found at the bottom of the battlements, whence he had cast himself in a fit of agony and remorse.

    The Owen group even enlisted the artistic talents of one of its members to sketch a portrait of Philip (see picture above). With their creation's life and appearance now firmly established in their minds, the group began the second phase of the experiment: contact.

    The Séances Begin

    In September 1972, the group began their "sittings" - informal gatherings in which they would discuss Philip and his life, meditate on him and try to visualize their "collective hallucination" in more detail. These sittings, conducted in a fully lit room, went on for about a year with no results. Some members of the group occasionally claimed they felt a presence in the room, but there was no result they could consider any kind of communication from Philip.

    So they changed their tactics. The group decided they might have better luck if they attempted to duplicate the atmosphere of a classic spiritualist séance. They dimmed the room's lights, sat around a table, sang songs and surrounded themselves with pictures of the type of castle they imagined Philip would have lived in, as well as objects from that time period.

    It worked. During one evening's séance, the group received its first communication from Philip in the form of a distinct rap on the table. Soon Philip was answering questions asked by the group - one rap for yes, two for no. They knew it was Philip because, well, they asked him.

    The sessions took off from there, producing a range of phenomena that could not be explained scientifically. Through the table-rapping communication, the group was able to learn finer details about Philip's life. He even seemed to exhibit a personality, conveying his likes and dislikes, and his strong views on various subjects, made plain by the enthusiasm or hesitancy of his knockings. His "spirit" was also able to move the table, sliding it from side to side despite the fact that the floor was covered with thick carpeting. At times it would even "dance" on one leg.

    Philip's Limitations and Power

    That Philip was a creation of the group's collective imagination was evident in his limitations. Although he could accurately answer questions about events and people of his time period, it did not appear to be information that the group was unaware of. In other words, Philip's responses were coming from their subconscious - their own minds. Some members thought they heard whispers in response to questions, but no voice was ever captured on tape.

    Philip's psychokinetic powers, however, were amazing and completely unexplained. If the group asked Philip to dim the lights, they would dim instantly. When asked to restore the lights, he would oblige. The table around which the group sat was almost always the focal point of peculiar phenomena. After feeling a cool breeze blow across the table, they asked Philip if he could cause it to start and stop at will. He could and he did. The group noticed that the table itself felt different to the touch whenever Philip was present, having a subtle electric or "alive" quality. On a few occasions, a fine mist formed over the center of the table. Most astonishing, the group reported that the table would sometimes be so animated that it would rush over to meet latecomers to the session, or even trap members in the corner of the room.

    The climax of the experiment was a séance conducted before a live audience of 50 people. The session was also filmed as part of a television documentary. Fortunately, Philip was not stage shy and performed above expectations. Besides table rappings, other noises around the room and making lights blink off and on, the group actually attained a full levitation of the table. It rose only a half inch above the floor, but this incredible feat was witnessed by the group and the film crew. Unfortunately, the dim lighting prevented the levitation from being captured on the film.

    Although the Philip experiment gave the Owen group far more than they ever imagined possible, it was never able to attain one of their original goals - to have the spirit of Philip actually materialize.

    The Aftermath

    The Philip experiment was so successful that the Toronto organization decided to try it again with a completely different group of people and a new fictional character. After just five weeks, the new group established "contact" with their new "ghost," Lilith, a French Canadian spy. Other similar experiments conjured up such entities as Sebastian, a medieval alchemist and even Axel, a man from the future. All of them were completely fictional, yet all produced unexplained communication through their unique raps.

    Recently, a Sydney, Australia group attempted a similar test with "the Skippy Experiment." The six participants created the story of Skippy Cartman, a 14-year-old Australian girl. The group reports that Skippy communicated with them through raps and scratching sounds.


    What are we to make of these incredible experiments? While some would conclude that they prove that ghosts don't exist, that such things are in our minds only, others say that our unconscious could be responsible for this kind of the phenomena some of the time. They do not (in fact, cannot) prove that there are no ghosts.

    Another point of view is that even though Philip was completely fictional, the Owen group really did contact the spirit world. A playful (or perhaps demonic, some would argue) spirit took the opportunity of these séances to "act" as Philip and produce the extraordinary psychokinetic phenomena recorded.

    In any case, the experiments proved that paranormal phenomena are quite real. And like most such investigations, they leave us with more questions than answers about the world in which we live. The only certain conclusion is that there is much to our existence that is still unexplained.

  • Blueblades

    Who said it:"Unless " I "see in his hands the print of the nails, and put my finger into the print of the nails,and put my hand into His side, " I "will not believe."

    Jesus did not rebuke Thomas for being pessimitic,or as many call him Doubting Thomas.Jesus compassionately offered him proof,convincing Thomas rather forcefully.Now that would make a believer out of me.So there could be something to this paranormal thing.

    My point being,that all of us need to personally experience this kind of visitation,paranormal or otherwise to be fully convinced.Otherwise it is all based on some kind of belief system,a kind of faith if you will.

    I myself am of the Thomas class,still Doubting until,wait a minute! I think I see something over there in the corner of the room,I believe it now ! I believe it now !

    Blueblades,I don't mean to make light of a serious topic.I wonder what others think about this?

  • Sargon

    Personally i think it's all a bunch of crap. Give me enough beers and I can see the Beatles start moving on my poster: if I put on a Beatles cd I can actually see a Beatles concert in my living room. Does this mean it actually happened?

  • Satanus

    I'm suspicious of the table rappings. Owen's wife could have done that w a special shoe, or something.

  • Blueblades

    Sargon,Give me enough beers and the girls all get prettier at closing time as the song goes.Then you wake up to reality.This paranormal experience was not due to drinking beers and while I am not fully convinced,I don't think it is a bunch of crap,just because it hasn't happened to me.There is room for discussion about the paranormal phenomena that exists world wide over different time periods.

    I am interested in what others have to say, who may have had some kind of unexplainable experiences like that posted here by Freddie.


  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger

    Actually I am very skeptical myself, if I don't see it, or experience it first hand, then this could be crap. It's all hearsay, I don't care how many people were involved . However...... not being open to at least checking out the paranormal, and trying to experience it yourself, then you will NEVER get the answer because your belief system or lack of one, will hinder you away from real truth. (Whether that truth turns out to be something that's against your current belief system or not does not matter, truth is truth. Then again that's all relative isn't it?) Now if we take this at face value it is very convincing. What I find interesting was that this was a so called scientific experiment and not a paranormal one. It BECAME paranormal.

    Also the people involved (most anyway) were skeptical people. Again, I am not defending or supporting or knocking (not on the table) it. Just another added Hmmmmmmmmm. to this thing we call Life. Life, the big IF. L -IF- E. Just throwing questions into this giant bowl of universal soup.

    Now if the universe was alphabet soup, it would probably be a lot easier to decipher. Or at least alphabitize.

    Here's one truth I know:

    "Everybody is a book of blood; wherever we're opened. We're red." - Clive Barker


  • Freddy Krueger
    Freddy Krueger

    Sargon -

    Now if you video taped yourself drinking the beers, then caught on tape the beatles jumping off the poster and the concert happening in your room, and you had other people there who also witnessed it, then we saw the tape, and it wasn't altered, Then guess what? That means it actually happened. However, if it's just you in your room drinking the beers. It's probably just true to you. In that case. Say hi to John for me.

    "Remember what John and Paul said..."
    " Who? The Apostles?"
    "No the Beatles.... All you need is love." - John Travolta as the angel Michael in the movie "Michael".
  • El blanko
    El blanko

    Hmm... if you read the right material and personal accounts, it is hard to deny the reality of invisible & intelligent spirit creatures and indeed physical manifestations of the above. I am just about finished with a book called "The Dark Gods / Anthony Roberts" which is superb. It details many accounts which are both curious and worrying, but which ultimately enhance ones own faith in the cloaking influence of malevolant forces.

    I also have a number of friends who have had very "real" & sometimes sinister encounters, which are not easy to explain away. Several being witnessed by 2 or 3 individuals at the moment of manifestation.

    I have no doubts in my mind, but sometimes choose to doubt in an effort to get a better nights sleep

  • crinklestein

    "Hey everybody, I don't know if this has been talked about before, but here is an amazing case that is documented and took place in the seventies. Is it a spirit? Is it our mind? In my opinion regardless of that answer, this does show proof of a spirit realm. Whether it be demons or mind over matter, or dead loved ones, who knows? But something is going on. Unless of course this was a hoax, but it was filmed and there is countless sites and research on this. O.k. Enjoy and let me get your thoughts. Thanks."

    It was filmed, it was documented? I thought it said in this article that they thought they heard a whisper but there was nothing on the tape. I thought they said it was filmed yet when the table levitated the room was too dark so they couldn't film it. Doesn't sound like scientific documentation to me.

  • El blanko
    El blanko
    Doesn't sound like scientific documentation to me.

    Contemporary science helps to support and further mans material desires and has little to do with esoteric & spiritual studies.

    Do not simply reject an entire area of study based around your own perception of how the universe should be determined and measured.

    Buy a few books on the subject. Try searching the internet for the findings of John Dee & Edward Kelly as a starting point. You may find a faith you never had before.

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