Ever give a ridiculous 'talk'?

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  • uriah

    I was 15 and had to give a talk on Labour Pains. I tried to keep it 'spiritual' i.e. israels labour pains but had to make reference to real ones. I was ragged rotten by the sister afterwards. It took about a week before my face returned to normal. I should have been used to it with 2 sisters - my mum would send me down to the shop to by sanitary towels. In those days the shop assistant would say 'who's next' and you would tell them what you wanted and they would put it on the counter for all to see. 'Tin of baked beans please' 'Tin of baked beans threppence (3d)' or 1.5p or less than a cent for you over-ponders 'anything else sonny?' 'er... whisper.. whisper blush blush'. Good thing was the assistant liked me and knew what i wanted and came back with it in a paper bag - which was nice of her. Of course, in those days they did not have wings or would fit in a small space like now, they were almost the size of a bath towel and the world and his wife could see what you had. Ahh, those were they days.

    I think about this particular event, it really sums up just how insensitive and even cruel this stupid religion can be.

    No ridiculous talks to speak of off the top of my head ... You are right about the cruelty of the religion though ... two weeks after my mom died was the time the elders chose to disfellowship me ... how's that for love and caring ...?


  • Brummie

    My last talk was on the "recreation", looking back now it was totally ridiculous!


  • Euphemism

    LOL @ Brummie!

    As far as sexual/embarrassing talks, my worst topic was the rape of Tamar, which I had when I was 14. I quoted verbatim from the YPA book in my conclusion, so that I wouldn't have to talk about sex in my own words.

    As far as doctrinally or topically ridiculous... the only one I can think of right now was the Instruction Talk about Patristic Chiliasm (millenialism in the early church). I really enjoyed that one, but I don't think that anyone else had a clue what I was talking about.

  • drwtsn32

    I remember those "self sex" talks from the Young People Ask books.. If I got that talk assigned to me I would have cancelled (unless they let me use props).

  • aniron

    As said above I was surprised that such young person were assigned such talks.

    Our School overseer said that instructions from Bethel were that no "young person" it was taken that meant anyone under 21, was to be assigned a talk on "sensitive" issues, i.e. sex.

    Of course the standing joke about the talk on "Masturbation" was that you weren't counselled on "gestures"

    We once had a 23 yr old brother give a talk on "homosexuality" think it was based on a magazine article. Couple months later it was discovered he was homosexual himself and had been since he was 14.

  • stillajwexelder

    Yes Outline number 13 as a Public Talk - A Godly View of Sex and Marriage

  • willyloman

    stilla: Thanks, didn't realize it was lucky number 13 -- which the superstitious avoid like the plague. On reflection, maybe there's something to that after all!

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