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  • Purple

    MMm not sure which topic I should have posted this in. If this aint it I am soooooooooooooooooooo sorry.

    Anyway about three or four months ago I went to my favorite greek resturant in Adelaide called Zoe's its on King William Road, Hyde Park (shameless plug there, sorry about that). I ordered piothesesesesesesudronjo;asdf dfsdfs or something and it turned out to be lamb shanks in some delicious tomato sauce. It was divine.

    Well tonight I recreated that marvel. I put one lamb shank in a premade tomato sauce (Dolmio chunky bolognase) added whole marinated garlic cloves, mixed herbs and spices and paprika. I simmered it for 40 minutes (weight 442 grams). Mmmm I am sitting here with the meat melting in my mouth and the flavours coursing through my taste buds.

    So I thought if you are looking for something a bit different to serve this might take your fancy. You can serve it with smooth mashed potato, pilaff rice and steamed green vegetables. You wont be sorry, unles syou forget to put napkins out like I did. You always pick up the bone and of course you end up with tomato sauce all over your hands.....YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Country_Woman

    you are making me hungry.....

    but I stewed some meat with onions, tomatoes and flavoured it with salt pepper and laurel - smells delicious and in a hour I am going to taste it.....

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