The Document Some of Us Signed After Baptism

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  • Sassy

    I have the Lamp Book I am sure in storage but I don't remember that letter, I was too young at the time.. I do remember a proclamation we had to verbalize at a Convention some years back though...

  • blondie

    I signed that book when I got baptized. I always wondered why they stopped. It was a big deal then that people be recognized as ordained ministers, especially young men, because of Vietnam and the draft. That could be part of it. The WTS wasn't sure women could be considered ordtained ministers as well. Mmmm?


  • Rabbit


    I was baptized in '73. I also Reg. pioneered for 3 years. Where are my records now? Do they follow you? Does the old KH send everything - nothing, no references left?

    What if Jah (accidently of course !) struck the KH with lightning, comet or A-bomb?

    Any records floating elsewhere, New York?

  • Rabbit

    Forgot to add: Maybe I could make them PROVE I was baptized, before they could DF me...?

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