To the Friends.

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  • Sassy
    I often wonder if anyone reads my posts.

    Wednesday.......I always enjoy your posts..

    I hope u will not go,

    I agree with Wednesday.. .I do hope you don't go El.. but if you do, I wish you and your wife well..

  • FlyingHighNow

    El Kabong:

    I am so very sorry to hear of your mother's stroke. I went though this with my own dear mother. I hope that she will recover. I will look at your post about her.

    I am glad to hear that God has blessed your marriage despite the witnesses. Your children are happy and successful. That is one of the most cherished blessings any parent, especially an exjw parent could ask for. I wish I could say things had gone so well for my children.

    But, my Mom is my last link to the Religion. I think it's time to put all this JW stuff behind us and not look back. .

    If you are truly ready to do this then I hope you all the peace of mind, love, happiness and success you could ever want. I am very sad that I missed your post about your mother. I am so preoccupied with something sad going on in my own life right now. I hate to think of you feeling that not enough of us cared. I am fairly new here. I don't know if I have seen any of your posts or threads. All the threads and names get to be a blur sometimes. Maybe that is because my brain is 45 + years now.

    I am glad I did see this thread of yours. I am glad to read your story and to be able to bid you a farewell. Take care and enjoy life.


  • seeitallclearlynow

    The very best wishes to you and yours, El Kabong.

    Every happiness to you.


  • xjw_b12

    El K CJ and I hope the best for your mother.

    As for this board, for a lot of posters here, JWD is the stepping stone. We've enjoyed your company here, and hope you will drop in from time to time, if only to let us know how things work out with mom.

    Take care:

  • acsot

    El Kabong: Like many of the others here, I didn't see your post about your mother. I'm sorry about that 'cause I know exactly what it's like, I'm the caregiver for my mother now, she's had two strokes and a heart attack in the past year.

    Most stroke victims recover a lot of the function in their limbs. Depending on where the stroke occurs, it may impair short term memory and certain cognitive functions. But there is usually improvement, especially if she got to the hospital quickly.

    I also know what you mean about your mother being your last link to the religion. I am not that far along in my "disconnection" from the borg, but after my mother passes away I doubt very very much if I will have anything more to do with JWs.

    I don't post as often as others and at times it seems as though I'm the major thread killer on the board! I know how it feels to be overlooked, but I know that many more read posts than those that comment on them, so you have definitely touched people.

    I hope you continue to check in now and again. Please let me know how your mother is doing - you can PM me if you want (although you'll have to allow for some time to pass before I respond 'cause I don't often get onto the board on weekends).

    All the best.


  • gumby

    Hey BELONG here as much as anybody. Your a fun guy and I sure enjoyed joking with you.

    You feel you don't belong here for the same reasons everyone else here has that feel THEY don't belong. I feel ike I don't belong many times but have found it's USUALLY our OWN perception of others feelings about us and isn't reality. Look how many responses you now have. People do care......we just get lost in the shuffle and it only seems others don't care.

    I also did not see the thread about your mom as I am sure many others did not either. My dad had a stroke also and so I understand how you feel. He wanted to talk and do things like before and he couldn't. It was hard on everyone.

    My daughter also was told by the elders that Jehovah would not bless her marriage as they were not past the bloom of youth which is 19 for a girl and 21 for a boy.......according to the "youth book". They have been married now for 13 years with 2 beautiful children and are a happy family.

    I hope you pop in from time to time and say hi.

    Hugs from Gumby ( I'll think of you every time I have a dube)

  • cruzanheart

    Gumby, you have a nasty, suspicious mind! The first thing I thought of when I saw "El Kabong" was Quick Draw McGraw's alter ego. (Or am I just incredibly naive?) El Kabong, I'm sorry about your mom and I hope she makes a complete recovery. I have a dub friend who had the same kind of results from her stroke back in September and she is making good progress with therapy, so keep at your mom to do her exercises and not give up.

    I'm glad you've made so much progress in your journey, and like many others, hope you will visit from time to time to let us know how you are. Think of it as wandering into a favorite coffee shop the next time you're in town.

    Lots of hugs,


  • El Kabong
    El Kabong

    WOW!! I'm actually wiping a tear from my eye while reading these wonderful words of encouragement. Thank you all for your replies.

    My initial post isn't one of those Goodbye Forever type posts. I may be back one day and post on a more regular basis. But for now, other things need to be a priority in life. I'll be checking the board for the next few days or so, and after that, from time to time.

    It's nice to know that when it comes down to it, we still are all Brothers and Sisters who share this common bond. I care for you all deeply NO MATTER WHAT.

    Peace be with you all.



    Edited to add: Oh and by the way, Gumby....I still have papers

  • gumby
    Edited to add: Oh and by the way, Gumby....I still have papers

    Yeah.....but have you got anything to fill them with?

    If we ever hook up..........we'll definately have some laughs together

    Your bud,


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