New light in this weeks WT?

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  • freddo

    And of course for the USA WW1 didn't start until April 1917 while the rest of Europe and Russia had been going at it hammer and tongs for over two and a half years.

    So all the sheep-feeding during WW1 in the USA (90% of all bible students) had no real need to be interrupted - CTR was at the helm until the end of October 1916 and the only things that interrupted the flow was Rutherford's coup for control and his being put in the slammer for crass stupidity with his crazy book.

  • pale.emperor

    In years gone by, we believed that Jehovah became displeased with his people because they did not have a zealous share in the preaching work during World War I. We concluded that for this reason, Jehovah allowed Babylon the Great to take them captive for a short time. However, faithful brothers and sisters who served God during the 1914-1918 period later made it clear that as a whole the Lord’s people did everything they could to keep the preaching work going.

    I didn't know this was a teaching when i was "in".

    Also, it's an insult to those conscientious objectors that were shot, in Britain at least, during WWI for not joining the war.

  • tor1500


    That's what I took away from this week's WT...if the FDS or a FDS wasn't appointed until 1919, who was feeding the friends the food? I was sitting next to was so hard not to say this...then I did say....this is a new nice for them to explain, I didn't know what the other understanding was? They just smiled, because they were born in..

    This whole thing is PR for them, they are changing their image and TELLING THE TRUTH. See we are transparent, we are telling you how the org. has progressed....& the friends will eat it up, why? Because what other religion admits they were wrong....I hear it all the many say, it really doesn't matter whether the society is wrong it's that they swallow their pride and say they were wrong...HOW HUMBLE...but what the friends don't know is what they aren't saying...pedophiles, cover-ups, real estate, what goes on behind closed doors, what goes on at Bethel, who had a mistress & so on...nope, won't tell that...just feed them some truth...see we are transparent we don't hide anything....Yeah, sure you don't...

    When I read the entire article, that point was the only point I got out of this week's WT study...who was feeding you'all..

    They keep re-writing stuff because they don't know what the heck either...the FDS is this..the wheat is with the tares...they were picked already, no, not yet, Jesus said he was or is coming...what the heck? They are just as confused as the friends..except they have good writing skills.


  • fokyc

    New Light - Old Light; it's all a load of Gaslight!

  • darkspilver

    Also, it's an insult to those conscientious objectors that were shot, in Britain at least, during WWI for not joining the war.

    Can you explain more please?

    I understood that although CO's, in some places where treated terribly, and died as a result of that treatment - they where not 'shot' or 'executed'.

    Although there was a gray area due to CO's being able to prove they where CO's - there would seem to be a clear contrast with those who were NOT CO's. but instead DID join the military and take up arms, but where then court-martialled for desertion - and executed by firing squad.

    From March 1916, military service was compulsory for all single men in England, Scotland and Wales aged 18 to 41, except those who were in jobs essential to the war effort, the sole support of dependents, medically unfit, or ‘those who could show a conscientious objection’.

    Awake 22 August 1982, page 11 - “Lest We Forget . . . ”

    In the March 14, 1982, issue of the Manchester Guardian Weekly, the following appeared among the letters to the editor, on page 2, under the title of “Inhuman Acts on Conscientious Objectors”:

    “I was very interested to read Harry Whewell’s article ‘. . . Nor the years condemn’ (February 21). In it he mentions plans to turn the cells of Richmond Castle, Yorkshire, into a permanent memorial to the conscientious objectors of the first world war.

    “The treatment he describes of those intrepid men reminds me of that meted out to my friend Frank Platt, who died in Mill Hill, London in 1974. He was one of those who were transported to France and then submitted to the most horrendous torture in an attempt to make him take up arms against his fellow man and fellow Christians.

    “He was given ‘shot drill’ that required him to carry a 30 lb weight at arm’s length and repeatedly put it down and pick it up again until he finally fell exhausted to the ground. This after three months of a bread and water diet. For having collapsed he was sentenced to another 18 days of shot drill.

    “When this had terminated he was bashed in the face several times and then tied day after day by the shoulders, hands and feet to a beam in a tiny storeroom from 8 am until 8 pm with an hour’s break for cold rice and water. From there he was transferred to the ‘Black Hole of Le Havre’, where some prisoners were even beaten to death. Fortunately Frank survived the experience and kept his integrity.

    “When I faced the same issue in 1950 things had greatly changed. I received a six months’ prison sentence. But as your writer correctly states many other countries are still way behind on understanding this issue of conscience. It is an international phenomenon of those who would sow peace and love. Let it not be forgotten that there were also thousands of German conscientious objectors, many of them Jehovah’s Witnesses like Frank Platt, who spent more than a decade in the concentration camps. Many of them also breathed their last in those infamous places. But the victory was theirs.

    “Eric Beveridge, 25 Columbia Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y. 11201.”
  • Perry

    Sounds to me like they are laying the groundwork for some future yet-to-be-announced doctrinal change.

  • biblexaminer


    They are absolutely losing it.

  • baker

    As I heard before, the only new light coming out of the 2017 Watchtower is when you set it on fire and watch the new light...

  • waton

    Sounds to me like they are laying the groundwork for some future yet-to-be-announced doctrinal change

    They are repudiating the intricacies of the past understandings, but still cling to the timelines. They absolutely lost it.? they can't lose it, they never had it.

  • Steel

    Every week needs to be something utterly insane and particular to the Wts. I think they are just running out of shit to talk about.

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