Russia: Further Jail Term For Answering Fellow Prisoners’ Questions About Faith

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  • AndersonsInfo

    July 1, 2024

    By F18News

    By Victoria Arnold

    RUSSIA: Further Jail Term For Answering Fellow Prisoners’ Questions About Faith

    Jehovah’s Witness prisoner of conscience Dmitry Terebilov, who has been serving a sentence in a strict-regime labour camp (penal colony) in Kostroma Region, is currently on trial again for having answered questions about his faith from a fellow prisoner. The camp administration has recordings of his conversations. If found guilty, he could receive a further sentence of several years, on top of his present 3-year term.

    There have so far been seven hearings, all postponed or adjourned for a variety of reasons. Terebilov is next due to appear in court on 8 August.

    Investigators charged 44-year-old Terebilov with “Inclination, recruitment or other involvement of a person in an extremist organisation” (Criminal Code Article 282.2, Part 1.1) and “Participating in a banned extremist organisation” (Article 282.2, Part 2) in December 2023 when he was already jailed (see below).

    Although several other Jehovah’s Witnesses have been subject to multiple prosecutions, these investigations and trials have generally overlapped. Terebilov appears to be the first person to be prosecuted for an incident unrelated to the activity which led to his first conviction, and which took place well after the conclusion of his previous case, when he was already imprisoned (see below).

    “The only reason for [the initiation of the case] was the fact that the believer answered his cellmate’s questions about Jehovah’s Witness beliefs”, the European Association of Jehovah’s Witnesses noted on 21 June 2023, shortly after it became known that Terebilov was under investigation.


  • careful

    Putin's paranoia seems to have no bounds. Meanwhile millions suffer from his unmitigated egotism, including Dmitry Terebilov.

    Thanks for the post.

  • peacefulpete

    A government without checks and balances, attacking a religion without the same.

    People like Dmitry are double victims.

  • Riley

    Tell him he can be released when he can explain the " overlapping generation " just using a bible without any JW study aids.

  • 3rdgen

    peacefulpete: Too True- unfortunately

  • StephaneLaliberte
    Riley: Tell him he can be released when he can explain the " overlapping generation " just using a bible without any JW study aids.

    So, a man is rotting in jail and time will be added to his sentence simply for talking, and you make that kind of joke? I have a dark sense of humor, so I kinda get what you're doing here... It's madness to be willing to suffer for beliefs, some of which don't make any sense... on top of that, for a religion that has no respect for free speech within its ranks! So, I get it, the absurdity is sorta funny! And yet...

    This being the internet, people could land on your comment and believe you actually support what the Russians are doing! As far as I know, this board abhor such things!

    You know you've lost all freedom when your government is willing to put you in jail based on your ideas and who you associate with. They become worse than the people they feel threatened by!

    This is just a sad sad situation and I hope this guy will make it out while his still young enough to enjoy the relative freedom!

  • Riley

    When my wife was pregnant , she was summoned into a backroom meeting with two elders about " their concerns " about her pregnancy. I showed up unannounced and basically ended it. It was about the blood issue.

    I later asked my wife who seemed to be prepared to die for god, if she even knew who wrote the book of Acts or could give me a brief summary of what the book was even about.

    Dead Silent.I am going to be loyal to the borg, just sure not why.

    I am dead serious, fuck these want-to-be Martyrs. Make them explain there nonsense using nothing but a bible and they are free to go. I am not even joking.

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    These martyrs hate to be challenged.

    If you ever listen to a recording of a judicial committee you hear over & over " we're not here to debate"" ","""we're not here to debate"". "" we're not here to debate".

  • BluesBrother

    The fact that we disagree with these people does not make their treatment by Russia ok.

    Anything else that Russia did would be derived as Autocratic evil. The treatment they receive is just plain wrong , and the rest of the Western world can see that

  • LV101

    Beth Sarim -- ahh, the ole 'we're not here to debate' line. Heard it frequently when studying from the clergy-class, dictator, conductor, re/their door to door experiences.

    BluesBro - I agree.

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