Why are the individuals who make up the Governing Body so deluded

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  • TheWonderofYou
    Flipper: These WT leaders are evil, narcissistic, sociopaths who feel the laws of the land in any country do not apply to them. They feel entitled as they feel they ARE " god " essentially and have no need to answer to anyone for their actions.

    The power has only who manages the finances. Most part of JW -life is about money, free labor, donating as much as possible to the headquarter and not reporting about the usage of money.

    cash as much as you can - what a lifestyle - dont report about - how cruel.

    Tricky arguments let one go donate to the cash mashines, cause money is always urgently neede to cover the unexpected costs - money-madness

    What if the managment of the J.W. finances would be taken from the hands of the money-mad leaders and given to a public trustee a trustee that keeps the accounts of the religion?

    Then the GB could concentrate on spiritual matters and not have the burden to keep the accounts. Its a nice idea, A "public ministry of religion and culture" can lead the accounts for cults.

    Much would change. The faith is allowed, not forbidden, no persecution, but the control over finance should be not in the hands of money mad leaders as long as there is no cooperation about temporarily three subjects:

    1) pedophile files

    2) change in the judicial hearing process and treatment of ex-JW which harms people physical and spiritual health and destroys families

    3) free informed decision to take blood or not without pressure of the JW Hospital Liason committee. HLC

  • punkofnice
    because power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely?
    That's my guess

    Mine too. I wonder if in the unlikely event, they were put on trial for crimes against humanity, found guilty and executed(I wish. I'd volunteer to throw the switch).........how many would take their place knowing they could be killed?

    How many would beg for their lives? I'll wager that none would go to their death, head held high, believing they are about to meet their maker. None!

  • James Mixon
    James Mixon

    Besides free travel around the world and free housing how are the GB benefiting?? I would love to see their checking, saving accounts and investments.

  • UnshackleTheChains

    The comments here answer the question quite well. But deep down, surely there must be one or two among them with a conscience. If they search deep enough within their own souls, the many controversial issues out there must be having an impact.

    As a collective body of men, they have managed to make a somewhat odd religion into one of the most controversial religions on the planet, for all the wrong reasons!

    Reasoning with these men is virtually impossible. They will be their own downfall.

  • flipper

    UNSHACKLE the CHAINS- Great point you make. The arrogance of the GB WILL be the cause of their own downfall. And you're right- there indeed may be one or two even on the GB who might have a conscience- but FEAR is a powerful tool to keep possible dissenters of the religion quiet. They would lose their family, their life, and support system if they came out against the JW cult in public. Think Ray Franz. Mind control cults like Scientology and JW's use these techniques and fear to prevent people from leaving - one reason they push the " shunning " practice so much.

    WE can only hope that someone at the top of the WT Society gathers up enough courage and strength to come out in public like Ray Franz did and either write a book or gets on nationwide media to expose the corruption of the WT Society. Many grassroots movements might be starting up - like what's happening in Poland right now with 60-80 people publicly demonstrating getting media attention. Those kinds of movements need to keep happening around the world everywhere

  • Londo111

    I believe the members of the Governing Body are the products of a system, a vicious cycle of indoctrination. The cult leaders before them were as well...going all the way back to Russell and Rutherford.

    They started out as Joe Publisher and throughout the decades rose through the ranks. For decades, they've known nothing else but fulltime cult life. They now live in a bubble and are surrounded by sycophants. Their needs are all cared for and they live in comfort.

    Eight million people sing their praises...that must be intoxicating. Also, the idea that they will be whisked to heaven to rule with Jesus...that must be intoxicating too.

    On the other hand, coming to terms with the truth would be the exact opposite, too terrible to contemplate. They've invested their whole life into this and they need this to be true.

    If one of them did wake up, what would they do on the outside world? They would be tossed out, could not make a living, not live in comfort, not have their increasing medical expenses paid.

    The system would simply replace them with someone else who was indoctrinated.

  • dozy

    Ray Franz pretty much nailed it in his books. He termed them ( including himself ) "victims of victims". I guess we ( all ex-JWs) were all deluded at one time - the GB just kind of take it to a different level.

    Very few GB members leave - understandably , as it would take a degree of self examination , objectivity and analysis that is beyond them and the consequences would be incredibly damaging to them.

  • ttdtt

    What is their option - seriously.

    Say - oh we were wrong - no DFing - no Service - no need to meet all the time....

    Org over, and they are on the street instead of being treated like kings.


    Why are the individuals who make up the Governing Body so deluded?

    These are NOT men who are deluded.....Flipper

    Damn straight they`re not deluded..


    WBT$ GB "Rock Star" Popes, are Bums..

    Who Live Like Kings, On JW Donations..

    Image result for pig wearing crown

  • Hairtrigger

    Deluded they are NOT! But masters of delusion . Who have over 8 million ready to kiss their asses, fork over their purses and go to the doghouse in their old age -hypnotized and transfixed by the magic that these illusionists create.

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