How many here are gamers? and what is your system of choice? favorite game?

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  • drwtsn32

    Oops, double post.

  • sens
    i'm a retired Counter-Strike player for PC. but i'm still pretty damn good. got a server too if anyone wants to play. its and i am named buttmud on that server.


    there are only like 2 people I know from this site that actually play.

    badger your not a serious gamer until you have mastered headshots and i dont see CS in your list

  • Winston Smith :>D
    Winston Smith :>D

    Love video games, so I have try not have them around or else that's all I will do.

    Saw the quicktime previews of Half Life 2.

    That game looks more intense than anything I have ever seen.

    I may have to get that

    If anyone wants to see the previews, I can try to find the website that was hosting them for ya. Or maybe email them to you

  • Badger


    (Snob Regal Voice): "Who are YOU to question the great Badger's prowess?"

    I'm not really into the serious first person shooters, and I can pick drivers off in the car with a sniper rifle in GTA...I'm more of a Strategy and Sports gamer.

    Badger, of the "Got the Yardie bagman's ear in my crosshairs" Class

  • sens
    "Who are YOU to question the great Badger's prowess?"

    Badger...Nerd Wannabe ....Nobody Answers ME back without a bitchslap or come here

    Has It Slipped YOUR Mind 2 whom you are speaking?

  • Frantic

    Used to be a gamer "back in the day" (laughs). Started with the playstation then the N64. If my memory serves me correctly Im the FASTEST person to do Facility on "Goldeneye" on 007 mode without cheats. That Im proud of (well was! - couldnt give two hoots now!)

    Today, I LOVE TOCA on the playstation and colin mcrae rally on the x-box. I actually wrote a mini assignment for uni on the Gamecube and why it sucked (sorry Gamecube lovers), got top In a nutshell, I said the mini disc thing was ahead of its time with mini-dvd's not readily accesible on the market. I overall, prefer the playstation (which I dont have - I have an x-box). Favourite game? Probably Zelda on the N64.

    Frantically Insane Andy

  • drwtsn32

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