How many here are gamers? and what is your system of choice? favorite game?

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  • Azalo

    I have a Gamecube and my favorite game is Mario Kart Double Dash.

    BTW. for the poll PC gaming counts

  • Special K
    Special K

    Our family of kids are a variety of ages... elementary, Jr High, Sr High... so we have a variety of games for every level..

    The mature child is in to .. Socom Navy Seals

    the middle teen is in to... Everquest (on line)

    and the youngest...... Ratchet and Crank....and Pokemon Ruby and sapphire for the Game Boy SP.

    All Playstation 2 games, by the way...

    They also play online with the computer... Tibia, Rune Scape, Ice Wind...


    special K

  • m0nk3y

    We have a Playstation2 and a GameCube .. I our gamecube so much. We also of course have our own PC as well .. games are always good for pc .. I think my favourite game for PC is the Sims .. I am so looking forward to the Sims 2 .. also REALLY looking forward to HalfLife 2.

    Fav game on gamecube would have to be mario sunshine, we can't wait till pikmin2 and final fantasy - CC is released oo oo and Sonic Heros !!

    Fav game on Playstation2 is FFX and I'm so hanging out for FFX-2

  • Agent Smith
    Agent Smith

    I have all three systems...GameCube, PS2 and XBOX.

    I am into: SOCOM II (online), Madden Football, Granf Theft Auto games,

  • Valis

    I've played all kinds of computer games...War Craft 1,2 & 3, Space Craft, Some of the Star Wars games, Halo on X-box when at my friends, etc...byt right now I'm playing an online strategy game called Utopia. About 60,000 people playing..You play in a kingdom w/about 20 or so others. We're ranked 1st on our island woot! Kind of slow, your turn rolls around once an hour, but I like it. The Utopian world is made of islands. And there are about 50 kingdoms on each island. its all fantasy based where you chose your race like faery, dwarf, halfling, orc, human, elf, and then character like rogue, thief, sage, warrior, etc...All strategy baby...


    District Overbeer

  • Badger

    I have a PC and a PS2...Big Time Gamer!

    PS2: Grand Theft Auto (my roomate and I take turns, with the non-playergiving a "World's Scariest Police Chases" play by play); NCAA Football and Basketball (Okla. State!), FIFA Soccer (AC MIlan!).

    PC: Civilization III. Everyboy wants to rule the world, according to the song.

  • stillajwexelder

    Bridge and No -limit Texas Hold'em poker

  • Descender

    I have a Game Cube that I got soley for the Legend of Zelda games.

    I have a PS2 which is a great gaming system, I've played a lot of games on it, my favorites being Grand Theft Auto 3, Vice City, and Hitman 2.

    I have an X-Box and my favorite game is Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I also have Rainbow six 3, and I have a few other role-playing and bloody action games.

    I've also been an avid Everquest gamer on the PC over the internet for 4 years now. It's actually getting kind of boring as of late. I guess playing a game every night for 4 years straight will eventually get boring. But I must say, Everquest has more replay value than any other game I've ever played, since it has no real conclusion or ending.

  • Sassy

    My boyfriend has a playstation 2 and I just bought him Dynasty Warrier..

  • Badger


    Lucky guy! That game rocks!

    My ex hated games, but was good at them. I was getting my ass kicked by Texas A&M one day when she came home and she mocked me. I gave her the controller and asked her to do better.

    next play, 35-yard TD pass.

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