Admins & Mods ... who are they?

by Tallon 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • 2+2=5
    A well run site that has improved in its maturity over the years. 👏👏

    There was a few more self proclaimed prophets and delusional messiah types a while ago. It's lost some insanity but has maintained a balance.

  • LoveUniHateExams

    Yeah I agree with everyone here, this is a well-run site.

    I've been modded a few times but that's fair enough - if we cross the line then we deserve to be warned or modded.

    I also agree that we are generally pretty good at self-censorship.

    Plus, I'm glad we get free speech here and the opportunity to discuss sensitive topics. If UK politicians publicly discussed and critically analysed the issues we do on here, there would be 'outrage' and calls for them to resign from public office at the very least. This shows how crappy the British free speech situation is but also shows how good we have things on this forum.

    It's lost some insanity - don't say it like that!

    It's become saner over the years. We can't have deluded religious types spreading their propaganda with no consequences.

    When people come here from the WTS they're vulnerable, it wouldn't be fair on them to have religious nuts preaching at them.

  • steve2

    I do miss the occasional poster who tries to convert us to another belief system. Ah, such lovely old memories of what it was like to hold the "truth" so closely and try to win others over with it. Not.

  • anglise

    This is the best and most balanced Ex JW site IMHO.

    I have been here since the old H2O site closed.

    Come and read every day although now rarely comment.

    A big thankyou to Simon and Angharad for keeping it going


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