UK migrant "crisis"

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    If a "refugee" has fled to a safe country (Greece, France, Italy, etc.) and then tries to carry on to another country, they are to all intents & purposes personally redefining their status to that of an economic migrant, and should be treated as such.

    However, the EU has a wonderful "open-door" law which states that "asylum seekers have no legal duty to claim asylum in the first EU state they reach."

    It's no wonder that economic migrants from Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq are journeying through numerous safe countries in order to reach the English channel.

    The threat of automatic deportation back to their country of origin would be a good incentive for them to settle in the country which initially grants them the "asylum" which they allegedly need.

    Greece, Italy, & Malta would then try and force the EU to review its refugee policies.

  • hoser

    Immigrants have always been an issue. People feel threatened by other groups of people. I live in a fairly intolerant rural part of Canada. My observation is that Immigration is acceptable if the person is:


    Speaks English

    Claims to be christian

    All others need not apply

  • snugglebunny
    Good luck to UK when all those Polish people have left the country and you have to manage the work yourselves.

    They're only here because employers won't pay a wage acceptable to the British. Migrants will typically work for much less. It could be argued that they're being exploited because of their status.

  • GermanXJW

    Germanxjw - Why would our Polish guests leave?

    All EU citizens now resident in the UK are guaranteed the right to stay.

    You sound like somebody who is just parroting pro-EU bullshit.

    Oh, I was just quoting a Polish work colleague of mine. She also mentioned that anti-Polish remarks have increased since Brexit decision.

  • zeb

    from Australia. There are anecdotal reports of refugees going home to the persecuting country for a holiday.

    • If the persecution is over then leave.
    • If it is not your story is highly suspect.
    • Families once on social security have left Australia with our ever obliging govt sending the 44 onto them so they can live a good life in the rat hole they come from.
    • Social security was meant to help you reestablish your self here it should not be sent on. But, no govt has the balls to say NO. Unless you are Oz born injured or dumped from work then they want every last detail and will restrict you and deny you to the max.
  • waton

    from Australia. There are anecdotal reports of refugees going home to the persecuting country for a holiday. zeb.

    waton says: Same from Germany, on at least 2 occasions, migrants, having become rapists, murders, managed to hightail it back to their supposedly dangerous haunts, in one case taking the whole family, to hide in the safety of the "dangerous place" they came from.

    They had actually made our host country an unsafer place, and Merkel remarked " wir schaffen das " indeed you did. .

  • zeb

    the 44 . ?? I $$ but in lower case ..sorry.

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