UK migrant "crisis"

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    "Writing on Twitter on Sunday, Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said: "We have a duty to reach out the hand of humanity, support and friendship to people who are in danger and seeking a place of safety."

    Yes Jeremy, I know exactly what you mean: I was in France on holiday a few years ago, and the lack of humanity & friendship from those Frenchies really made me feel that I was in danger. Boy, was I glad to get back across the channel to a genuine place of safety!

    All the other European countries these refugees have travelled through to reach the English channel must be just as bad as France!

  • cofty

    The UK was wise enough to opt out of the Schengen agreement. Economic migrants from all over the planet are the problem of those countries who chose to dismantle all internal and external borders.

    We need to increase our presence in the Channel, rescue migrants who are in danger and deposit them in France.

  • Simon

    They are only in danger because they have placed themselves in danger. In doing so, they put other people in danger as well.

    If Corbyn thinks he has a duty to help, he can go to Africa and help them there. Why doesn't he? Oh, that's right - he thinks YOU have a duty and by "help" he means "pay for them".

    All these people should be loaded into a container and shipped back to where they started from. Do not pass Go. Do not collect welfare checks.

  • waton

    a vented container we hope.

    An asylum claiming, criminal migrant from Cameroon was deported from Germany back to his country, Within weeks is now back, claiming asylum again.

    Make those containers containing for good.

  • GermanXJW

    Good luck to UK when all those Polish people have left the country and you have to manage the work yourselves.

  • cofty

    Germanxjw - Why would our Polish guests leave?

    All EU citizens now resident in the UK are guaranteed the right to stay.

    You sound like somebody who is just parroting pro-EU bullshit.

  • waton
    Good luck to UK when all those Polish people have left the country and you have to manage the work yourselves.GX

    On the way back to Poland they could easily find jobs in Germany, trained and willing workers that they are*, unlike many of the the clan members, or welfare tourists, that populate the refugee centres now, un-trainable, social welfare burdens for decades to come.

    * like the polish truck driver that was killed in Berlin to hijack his vehicle and mow down shoppers at a christmas market a year ago, by a welfare collecting asylum seeker, one of Merkel's darlings.

  • hoser

    You all sound racist. Our prime minister Pierre Jr lets migrants cross our border with the US and puts them up in posh hotels.

  • Amelia Ashton
    Amelia Ashton

    Where I live there are very few doctors, nurses, dentists or veterinary surgeons who have English as their first language.

    I remember 40 years ago when you could get a same day appointment for your GP or vet and i wasnt aware of any non English ones but now a non urgent appointment for doctor, dentist or vet is 3 weeks or longer and it is never someone with English as their first language.

    I don't know if Brits qualify and leave or we just aren't training enough but without immigrants UK health services would collapse

  • waton

    Where I live, if the government would spend the money it doles our to the illegals, (including their lawyers), on it's own gifted students, enough native - born, domestically trained personnel would be in place.

    Re: the theme of this thread, UK migrant crisis, the word that comes to mind is"Rotherham".

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