It's official: JW celeb Nicolas King publicly out

by neat blue dog 26 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • joe134cd

    To be fair to him. I think he’s got an awesome singing voice. I hope you read this Nicholas.

  • joe134cd

    I’m just curious but at the height of his career JW. Was he married to a female. She would be devastated knowing this is going on.

  • neat blue dog
    neat blue dog

    No, never married

  • slimboyfat

    AI can now generate faces of people that don’t exist - seems the perfect solution to the problem for Watchtower, because somebody who doesn’t exist can’t leave the truth. The same may soon be possible with video, or already for that matter the way AI is progressing.

  • Journeyman

    Good point, slim.
    I was thinking something similar using deepfake technology, and since they're investing more in video editing and production I guess WT could start replacing the faces of video actors who are considered persona non grata with new, 'approved' ones - but AI generated ones are better as they remove any problem of the 'actor' later leaving the org in future.

  • TonusOH

    AI would work quite well for the simple and clear pictures they prefer to use in their magazines and leaflets. Not only would they not have to worry about the status of anyone in the pictures, they could create some really gruesome images for their Armageddon articles!

  • HiddlesWife

    WT really wants the outside world (along with their membership) to think that their organization is a PERFECT one. Everyone representing their cultporation must be PERFECT--even though humankind is not. So, when a follower makes a mistake, they DELETE these persons as if they never existed. This is HUBRISTIC on the part of the leadership. This is something JESUS CHRIST wouldn't do! (But, of course, WT is NOT Christian and is mainly a MAN-MADE CORPORATION. . . . . .)

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