Press in SPAIN report JW members go to JW headquarters to file a complaint for not receiving documents on cases of abuse they requested

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  • AndersonsInfo

    Jehovah's Witness members will report to the organization for failing to provide them with documents regarding child abuse


    MADRID | 1/16/2017 - 3:00 p.m.

    The AbusosTJ group, which represents ex-members of Jehovah's Witnesses who report cases of sexual abuse in congregations, will file a complaint against the entity by not providing them with documents on cases of abuse that they requested and which, Envelopes and clandestine files. "According to them, in Spain, "dozens" of victims have contacted them.

    The members of this collective Miguel García López and Israel Florez, went to the national headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses in Ajalvir (Madrid) this Monday, January 16, after having requested through a burofax with certified content to the president of the Board of Directors National of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Spain the delivery of "all the secret documents that the confession keeps on their cases of abuse of minors."

    The group has indicated that they have received a negative response to their request and that they have not been attended by any executive or ecclesiastical office of the confession, so they have informed the receptionist that they will file a complaint.

    Members of TJ Abuses call for "redress and justice," the change of all "secret" protocols imposed by the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses, and a clear indication to local elders that Police or Civil Guard any indication of child abuse.

    Last December, the group wrote an open letter to the National Board of Jehovah's Witnesses and the Watch Tower Bible in Brooklyn, New York, the legal entity that supports the work, in which they complain that Congregations hide sexual abuse and demand justice.

    "To the demands in the United States will continue our commitment and defense of the rights of the children, in all the instances and means of communication throughout Europe. Nothing will stop us in our personal commitment to achieve, without hate or grudge, reparation and justice for All victims of child abuse within the cult of the Watch Tower, "the letter said.

    Specifically, they complained that when a member of Jehovah's Witnesses is accused of sexual abuse, congregations have "secret" courts with internal rules that judge cases and "silence the victims." As they say, "thousands of children" have been victims.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    That's an interesting way to put it, and very well said:

    "when a member of Jehovah's Witnesses is accused of sexual abuse, congregations have "secret" courts with internal rules that judge cases and "silence the victims."

    Perhaps if it is called, what it really is, courts will begin to comprehend the gravity of what JWs do. They have their own court system.

    1. They don't have to go to school to learn laws, they make up their own rules

    2. They don't have to answer to any "higher" courts (save the GB)

    3. "Vicitims" are silenced....

    Sounds like what the mafia does.

  • darkspilver

    The auto-translation isn't helping here unfortunately

    I presume this is in response to the letter of Monday 9 January 2017?

    I understood the two time periods allowed for a response is either 21 days or 40 days, with an extension possible up to 60 days? Why have they followed up after only 7 days (and actually four 'working-days' if you exclude the day it was apparently received?)

    The article does say there was a 'negative response' - translation issue here: does that mean WT wrote and said they refused to provide the information, or they wrote and said they had 'nothing' or simply that no response was received?

    Are they requesting only the specific files dealing with themselves specifically? (In which case they would send some proof of who they are - otherwise any one could write and claim to be somebody they are not and ask for private information.

    Or, are they requesiting for all the files that the WT holds? That would be a breach of privacy though wouldn't it be? You can't ask for private information on other people, unless you have their permission?

    Have they actually asked the right people? I understood from Trey Bundy's Reveal's reportage in the US, that the 'confidential files' are actually kept by the individual congregation, not WT - surely that would mean the request would therefore need to be made direct to the congregation/s in question?

  • Crazyguy

    We really need some political leaders to step up and get involved in these situations if there's ever going to be some justice.

  • sp74bb

    Hello Darkspilver,

    Indeed, Google Translation is not so effective. I hope soon some human translation will be provided.

    You are not correct regarding the period of response. This period of response is for recognized info or personal data. Spanish Bethel has never informed to the Spanish Data Agency the fact of having files or info regarding sexual abusers.

    So, we understood that 1 week is far enough to collect this info or answering to us. We gave them as well the possibility to deliver us a "negative declaration", a signed declaration clearly telling that no files or info is kept by the Spanish Bethel. We have not received the files, not received a confirmation that the files do not exist. We have not received neither the negative declaration.

    Obviously we have requesting our files and info, exclusively ours.

    As the Spanish Bethel was not answering our request, we filled a report to the "Guardia Civil" (Police). We explained them our request and the answer received. The gladly report it with no doubt or further questions. The situation was very clear for them.

    In Spain the only legal entity is Testigos Cristianos de Jehová in Ajalvir... The Spanish Bethel. So it is there that we must request our "Do not Destroy Envelopes"

    Fell free to request more info.

  • Vidiot

    Damn, Spain's really stepping up to the plate.


  • darkspilver

    Is there an update - have the documents been provided yet?


    While attending a Spanish-speaking congregation in Brussels, Belgium, Miguel Garcia - then aged 16 - alleges that he was sexually abused/attacked by a man 'A' (a brother in good standing in the congregation) ie it was NOT consensual and Miguel Garcia was an 'unwilling participant'.

    Now in Spain, Miguel Garcia - then aged 19 - approached the elders in his congregation regarding his allegation of sexual abuse/attack that took place in Belgium three years earlier and a Judicial Committee was set up for the man 'A' for which Miguel Garcia cooperated and gave details - apparently others had made similar allegations regarding the same man 'A'.

    Miguel Garcia stops attending JW meetings.

    In April 2014 Miguel Garcia wrote to the CONGREGATION he was last associated with and requested the destruction all his records and data INCLUDING the summary notes recording his allegations of sexual abuse/attack against 'A' (ie the 'Do Not Destroy' Envelopes)

    In a newspaper article in September 2016 Miguel Garcia complained the records of his allegations of sexual abuse/attack against 'A' have apparently not been destroyed by the congregation despite his earlier request.

    By the end of 2016, Miguel Garcia had a change of heart and now does not want the records of his allegations of sexual abuse/attack against 'A' to be destroyed, but rather he now wants a copy of them for himself.

    On Monday 9 January 2017 Miguel Garcia writes a letter to the BETHEL in Spain requesting a copy of all the records and data that they hold on him at each of the congregations he has been associated with - he gives them SEVEN days to provide this information.

    On Monday 16 January 2017 Miguel Garcia visits the Bethel in Spain in person and asks for his records, they do not provide them, and he walks away empty handed.

    On Monday 16 January 2017, following the above and by prior arrangement, Miguel Garcia has a 40 minute meeting with a member of the Spainish Government's Congress of Deputies with whom he lodges his official complaint regarding the Bethel not providing him with copies of his record of allegations of sexual abuse/attack against 'A' and other data/information they hold on him. By law, the government has 30-days to respond - ie by Wednesday 15 February 2017. In addition to the above, Miguel Garcia also lodges an official complaint with the Guardia Civil / Police.

    Today Thursday 23 February 2017 - over five weeks have passed now and apparently no update on this thread yet???....

  • Richard Oliver
    Richard Oliver

    Is there a law in Spain that states that a person can request any information that an organization has on themselves?

  • Hecce

    Organic Law on the Protection of Personal Data (1999) - Legislationline.

    Article 15. Right of access

    1. The data subject shall have the right to request and obtain free of charge information

    on his personal data subjected to processing, on the origin of such data and on their

    communication or intended communication.

    2. The information may be obtained by simply displaying the data for consultation or by

    indicating the data subjected to processing in writing, or in a copy, fax or photocopy,

    whether certified a true copy or not, in legible and intelligible form, and without using

    keys or codes which require the use of specific devices.

    3. The right of access referred to in this Article may be exercised only at intervals of not

    less than twelve months, unless the data subject can prove a legitimate interest in

    doing so, in which case it may be exercised before then.

  • darkspilver

    Richard Oliver: Is there a law in Spain that states that a person can request any information that an organization has on themselves?

    The website of the Spanish Agencia Española de Protección de Datos is available in English:

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