Russian Ban exposed but not THE ARC...WHY?

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  • tor1500


    Just your thoughts....I've been all over this site, everyone says, that if Jehovah was backing the org. then why so many things happen in the org. child abuse, shunning, and so on....but my question or thought is why is the Banning of witnesses all over the media, but the ARC isn't wasn't picked up in the media, like this (oh little leaks here and there, but nothing major) Nothing like the NYT or any major media venue where the friends would see it and couldn't deny it, even if they wanted to....why does the media care more about banning witnesses than child abuse...I know even if The ARC was exposed many of the friends would stay, but would be shamed, because they talked about other religions...or maybe Jehovah is bringing the org. to it's arrogant knees....

    So here is my question....who is protecting the org. from the real scandals? If it's not Jehovah than who ?


  • OutsiderLookingIn
    It's not Jehovah. It's...politics! Putin was (until the Syria military strike, at least) very friendly with Trump, who has a problem with the NY Times and the feeling appears mutual. US news tends to focus on US issues or hot-button topics when it comes to news we care about. Therefore, when it comes to international news, the NY Times will more willingly print negative news coming from Russia and terrorism in Europe than anything else. The ARC, while unfortunate, is on a smaller scale and concerns an internal hearing on the other side of the world.

    My other theory is that someone at the NY Times is a JW or has JWs in the family. Because the article was very much painted as small pacifist Christian group against an unreasonable dictator (who doesn't love an underdog?) and no other banned groups were mentioned. It could also be a combination of these factors. That's what I'm thinking anyway.
  • jwleaks

    "For it is better to suffer [in Russia] because you are doing good, if it is God’s will to allow it, than because you are doing evil [in Australia]." - 1 Peter 3:17

    In Russia the JWs are not reaping what they have sown. Therefore the protest and worldwide letter writing campaign.

    In Australia the JWs were in fact reaping what they had sown. Therefore the silence.

    "For it is better, if God’s will will have it so, to suffer in doing right than in doing wrong." - Byington translation

  • OrphanCrow
    Outsider: My other theory is that someone at the NY Times is a JW or has JWs in the family.

    Yes. I think you have nailed it.

    I'm surprised that Kushner's paper, the NY Observer, hasn't run a story on the Russian problem.

  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen
    • Religions being exposed for covering up child abuse is old news. Been there, done that.
    • The restriction of (religious) freedom of one group may also impact many other groups (LBGT anyone). The possible ban on JW is part of Russian tendency to fight minorities, and that may be a topic with greater implcations.
    • Bashing a former enemy (Russia) is always fun! Especially if it means you don't have to look at your own flaws :-\

    Russian Ban exposed but not THE ARC...WHY?

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  • OrphanCrow
    Anders: Bashing a former enemy (Russia) is always fun! Especially if it means you don't have to look at your own flaws


    Which is why some people like to scream fascism! and point fingers at Chechnya (97% Muslim), accusing Russia of being barbaric for allowing gay concentration camps, while at the same time ignoring the gay conversion camps that are run all across America by Christians who claim to be "exercising their freedom of religion". Except, in America, there are far, far more gay camps than in Chechnya. And, in America, minors are the ones who are targeted for mental and physical torture inside those Christian run gay camps. Children are forced to attend those camps, held against their will, and subjected to barbaric physical torture on a regular basis. Right now, as you are reading this, American children are being held against their will inside gay conversion/concentration camps in the States.

    Classic timber and splinter.

    Politics disguised as "freedom of religion".

  • redvip2000

    But more importantly...

    Why complain about the ban and try to stop it? JWs have been proclaiming for decades that right before the great tribulation the governments will try to ban religion, and will especially attack JWs.

    Yet, at the first sight of a ban they cry and use all resources to try to fight it. Why? if anything they should be dancing in the streets rejoicing, and encouraging all governments to implement the same ban.

  • smiddy


    In the religious world Jehovahs Witnesses are nothing but a small sect that are nothing more than a curiosity with weired beliefs .

    They are not newsworthy to the general public just a nuisance that knocks on your door at the most inopportune times trying to sell their religion.

    Nobody cares about them. 8 million worldwide ? chickenfeed .And only been around for about 100 years .

    The Catholic Church ?been around for 2 centuries with well over 1 billion believers worldwide ,thats newsworthy.

    The media of today are not so much interested in news as they are in entertainment / ratings ,what is going to capture the most viewers /readers.and generate more profits to their organisation satisfying their shareholders.

    No one is protecting the organisation

    No Jehovah

    No individuals

    Its because jehovahs Witnesses are just another small religious sect of American origin started about 100 years ago that nobody cares about and they are not newsworthy.

    Think about all the other sects that sprang up in America and elsewhere in the past 200 years how newsworthy are they ?

    think about it.

    Assemblys Of God,The Church Of Jesus Christ Of The Latter Day Saints ,(Mormons ) Christian Scientists ,The Seventh day Adventists ,The Christadelphians ,The Exclusive Bretheren ,Scientology ,etc,etc.

    And their are heaps more those are just a smidgeon of the better known ones.

    In the main the general public do not care about them they are not newsworthy and neither are JW`s

  • tor1500

    Hi All,

    Great comments...I like the one where someone at the NYT is a witness or knows's a thought, could the org. be paying not to have it published...would you put it past them ?

    I hear when you say it's not newsworthy, but it depends on the spin of it...Headlines could read....Religion Points finger at other at 11....that'll wet their could be on The Daily a spoof...ever see Bill Maher....he pokes fun at things like these, even Penn & Teller...

    Yes, there are other religions but it only seems that the JW's always in the paper or in they want to be I say give them what they want...there is a starving reporter out there that could really dig into this story....he or she could make it newsworthy....again, it's all how you spin the story...

    People will read anything if the heading grabs their attention....that's what writers do....just look at the writers in the org...very clever....they know how to hold 8 million folks much so that they are brainwashed...

    It's just puzzles me how nothing of the ARC is all make valid points...I also like the comment where the person says, they reap what they sowed...that's true, seems a whole lot of mess is going on Down Under....maybe they thought God can't see down under....

    As usual pedophile goes to the back of the line....but no wonder, I'm up late at nite and they have these hot lines with females....and they say you can call them up, at the end of the commercial she says, & I'm 18...Having sex with underage folks will never go's accepted in our society....Men and women are both guilty of it...

    I'm a female, and before I was 18 grown men were trying to talk to me....thank goodness for good parents, that would ask, how old is that guy ?....they made me think...I was young so what did I know...See Trump and his child bride and when she gets old, he'll dump her and get someone young again....Getting older can be a bummer for some, they never think, gee, I'm still some folks go out with younger folks to hold back the hand of time, we all know that's one of life's betrayals...

    So the ARC will never be exposed, only if the rumor mill of JW's picks it up, and we know, they still won't believe it....but I do know if many of the JW's found out the ARC was true, they would crumble...

    Thank you all for your replies....this has always puzzled me and will continue to do so, but won't lose any sleep.


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