Sam Heard in April JW cult broadcasting says are you doing all you can?

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  • mickbobcat

    So Sam Rolex had this months talk on JW cult broadcasting. It was all on how much is your best. Can you do more. My question to Sam Rolex is why not sell your Rolex and give it to the cult? How about muppet Lett, why not sell your rental property in Ga and give it to the cult? Typical BS from the cult telling the rank and file to give more as they suck the life like the leeches they are from the mind numb.

  • FFGhost

    It's been a while since they've had one of those "You're not doing enough! Your best isn't good enough! Do MORE, you miserable pathetic worms!" speeches.

    I was getting worried. It was well out of character for them to go so long without psychologically beating their adherents.

    Back to normal.

  • Rocketman123

    The WTS/JWorg has been using fear, guilt and obligation to its adherents for decades now.

    Pushing their literature in devious malicious ways came from the very top of the organization down to the Kingdom Halls.

    It still goes on.

    False prophet charlatans is what the Watchtower Publishing organization /JWS are , this hasn't really changed much to any great extent.

  • nowwhat?

    Numbers are down must be getting desperate!

  • Biahi

    No matter what you do, it’s never enough. Glad I’m not in that toxic environment.

  • Jofi_Wofo

    Watchtower: Jehovah never expects you to give more than you can!

    Also Watchtower: No matter what you are doing for Jehovah, you can always do more!


    If you want a depressing anecdote to illustrate the depressing point, here's a depressing anecdote about depression.

    Like anyone else in life, I've had my ups and downs, and like many others I've experienced temporary, but prolonged, periods of depression. I shit you not when I tell you that I was rebuked by at least three different elders (might have been more, I'd have to unlock my mental file cabinet to get a fuller number) not for sinning, disobeying a Watchtower rule, nor even for showing up late or accidentally being rude. I got counseled FOR BEING DEPRESSED.

    1) One elder told me that Jehovah's people are a happy people snd that if I'm not happy, I must be doing something wrong with my spiritual routine.

    2) Another elder took me aside and told me that I looked miserable and that I needed to cut it out because it makes the religion look bad to unbelievers. We need to give them the impression that being a JW is pure joy, even if we are hurting badly in the inside.

    3) One elder interrogated me on why I didn't preach during a CO visit. I told him that I was so depressed that it was making me physically ill and that I spent almost the entire week sleeping day and night and was still tired. This elder said 'I'm sorry to hear that, thanks for sharing, but here's some advice for you. You really need to figure out how to push through whatever it is that you're going through so that you can continue to reach out for more responsibility.'

  • Biahi

    Jodi Wofo, so sorry you were subjected to those toxic asshole elders. 🙏😀 I hope things are much better now.

  • hoser

    Sounds just what we need during a pandemic. Your not doing enough.

  • hoser

    Out of curiosity I watched “is your best good enough” on jw broadcasting. Brother herd sure can prepare a good shit sandwich. No wonder I was going crazy when I was mentally in. Basically you are not good enough, but you are, kinda.

    I really believe that videos like this one are the cause of mental illness in jws.

  • Overrated

    That's Watchtower 's solution to life's problems. Is do more for them and who cares about your problems. Once I went for counseling and told the therapist all I went thru and their advice. I was told by the therapist that the elders don't no anything and only care about their Watchtower crap. Since I left the Trooth life has been good!

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