The rich will not inherit the Kingdom of God—Did Jesus really say this?

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  • menrov

    TOR1500: or is it Truly I say to you TODAY :-)

    Anyway, if something is difficult, it does not mean that it is not possible or that by definition they will not inherit. The point is that being rich (like many leading Jews at the time, looking down on the poor for which they did nothing) is by no means their ticket to paradise. In fact, it will likely be more difficult for them as they (the rich Jewish leaders) lack the love and compassion for others, the weak, the meek (Matt. 5).

    But of course, the leaders of the WBTS, who pretend to be poor but live like very wealthy people without spending one penny on the poor or meek or sick, do not want its members to become rich according to their definition. Because money gives some independence, and that is something they hate.

  • Crazyguy

    Jesus condoned slavery and never said anything about not raping young woman, enough said!

  • tor1500

    Hi Menrov,

    Oh yeah, forgot that part, sorry, it's truly I say to you (no today)...but you got that right...there are many who pretend to be poor I see them all the time at the hall, crying broke with a loaf of bread under their arms...they travel all over the place, love to go where the preaching is to get the brothers and sisters in trouble by talking to them, not thinking when they get back on the plane and come back to the US where it's safe, then come to the hall and say, we went to Japan or wherever and the brothers have it rough there, we were not able to really speak to them because....& so on...I really want to say, why did you go to put our brother and sisters in danger, they still have to live in these places when you go...

    Yep, most of my congregation are well educated and live in either co-ops or own homes....get new cars and such...when they go away they don't tell anyone because they don't want anyone to know they can afford to go abroad...why, because they cry broke so much...they also cry broke because they don't want anyone to know how much money they have so they won't get asked to lend...Once a sister said to me...well, you have money, I said, true I make a good living, because I work for it....but I may have money but I don't have to lend to anyone if I don't want to....but I wouldn't go around saying I'm poor, that's a sin, because God has blessed me with a good job and salary & I have the nerve to say I'm poor...Wrong....I give to whom I feel I want to...

    They think the poor meek ones are the anointed...that scripture that says when disciples asked Jesus when did they give to the poor and Jesus said when you gave to the least of folks...the org, translates that to the anointed not to real poor people...

    So Jesus should or could have said those who have riches and don't share won't inherit the kingdom....and then he could've added, I'm talking to your JW's...

    So as stated Jesus didn't say they won't he just said it will be hard....


  • Vidiot
    Simon - "Can rich people be meek? Definitely."

    How would you tell, though?

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