The rich will not inherit the Kingdom of God—Did Jesus really say this?

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  • anointed1

    It is our experience that love of money brings action towards accumulating abundance of wealth which ultimately convinces the owner that “I was wasting my time” which in turn motivates him to turn into philanthropy (like Bill Gates and co did). This is a perfect design (designed to work independently of God) like a journey of which the first half is wasteful and the second half is fruitful, and it is to be viewed as a whole. It means question of what is right and wrong is irrelevant. Hence it is unlikely that Jesus would say: “it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.” (Mathew 19:24) Verse is obviously attributed to Jesus by later writers.

    This means question of morality is not complicated if viewed as a whole process. Donating a house to a homeless person is right when done by an individual. But same act when done by a King is wrong because king is bound to help all the homeless persons; helping only one person would be partiality. That means viewing as a whole is the key. When viewed as a whole, even materialists do a great service because it is our experience that without them the religionists would become extreme human rights violators. It means even atheists (though working independent of God) work for the good of the humanity.

    Viewing as a whole comes with experience. In such experience even the question “Does God exist?” is irrelevant. That question has not been lived, experienced. It is just a bunch of: “Yes, because …….or No, because…….” then we add stuff to support our thinking……no experience. If there is experience, that question wouldn’t be asked.

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    @ a-1:


    You obviously haven't had enough real world experience. The WT will leave you morally and socially retarded!

  • never a jw
    never a jw


    Hey, you are not Simon! get a different picture. Stop deceiving the people who click into a thread just to read Simon's comments

  • tor1500


    So the rich will not inherit the earth...don't matter, the bible was written by rich Jewish men...

    I think what the scripture is that if you are rich, you can't buy your way into God's heart... The scripture where Jesus says it's easier for a camel to pass through an eye of an needle than for a man to give up their riches. Many of us believe that....We got money so who needs God....Many of the friends won't even preach in well to do areas, thinking these folks have it all...I think it's just pure intimidation....I must add this though, I work at a job where folks make plenty of money....and it's never enough, if they want a raise and they don't get it they go to another company, get the money they want then come back to where I work...also, they make good money then spend half of it going to a therapist thinking that if they made enough money they would be happy so they spending money to ask why they are not happy....Go figure...Money only supplies comforts of life...

    I think if you are rich on earth and share what you have with are blessed so if you are fortunate to have money be a blessing....if you have money and a good heart, you will inherit the Kingdom of God, but selfish people won't...

    Now mind you...if all this is true...


  • anointed1

    Dear oppostate, I had never been a JW (though I have active family members and lots of friends in that org). I chose the name anointed1 just for a fun.

  • anointed1

    Dear tor1500 I was proving here that Jesus did not make that statement.

  • Heaven

    never a jw, just FYI... while oppostate's Gravatar is similar in colour to Simon's, it is not the same picture.

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    As to the OP, Jesus wrote nothing down, the Jesus myth was verbally/orally passed down over decades and centuries before being committed in writing, the actual authors of the Gospels never met Jesus, and these 4 books contradict each other leads one to the only conclusion that what is claimed to be a quote from Jesus is highly suspect and quite likely someone else's statement.

  • tor1500

    Hi Anointed1,

    Oops sorry...well I guess you know Jesus did say it but according to the NWT..Matt. 19:23: Then Jesus said to his disciples:"Truly I say to you that IT WILL BE DIFFICULT FOR A RICH MAN TO ENTER INTO THE KINGDOM OF GOD". So to me yes, Jesus said it, but he said it would be difficult,(we know the power of riches don't we)? So to me he is not saying the rich won't inherit but it's up to them where their heart is....Also, in the King James bible it says v 23: Then Jesus said unto you, that a rich man shall HARDLY enter into the Kingdom of God...Jesus is not telling folks if they are rich, they can't enter but don't think your money, you can bribe your way in...

    Here's a question, would you give up your riches to enter into God's kingdom? Or would you want to enter & have money a lot of money...while you are here on earth, what would you do with your riches?

    I think we spend too much time dissecting the bible instead of doing it...does it matter if the rich inherit the kingdom....I've said it all over this site...It's about loving each other no matter what religion we are, helping your fellow man...we know that the org. is wrong about many things...but the bible is just telling us to stop dominating one another and start to take care of one another...again, we know the org, doesn't promote charity nor kindness to anyone that's not a JW....we on this site know better, so we should do's fun to vent on this site because of the things we see and hear about the org. But we must be bigger then they are...we know the real let's act like it...

    Whether the rich shall inherit the kingdom of God, who knows...but if any of you on this site is rich...what are you going to do with all your riches while you are here on earth....don't worry about when you are here on earth now...what you gonna do, be stingy and bitter and stoop down to the same attitude the org. has.

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  • Simon

    yes, too-similar avatars are confusing, so I've changed mine ...

    AFAIK there is nothing in the bible that says rich people will NOT inherit the earth, but Jesus did say it is harder for a rich man to enter the kingdom.

    Can rich people be meek? Definitely. But maybe it's not a typical set overlap.

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    I love your new avatar, Simon.

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