Influence of Babylon the Great is only increasing

by Ireneus 13 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Finkelstein

    Since the JWS is a false prophet religion, this also classifies itself under the direction of Babylon The Great.

    That explains all the pretentious lies and corruption that has come out this organization.

  • EverApostate

    Very true, at least in India

    Every year, the Pilgrims to the Hindu temples grow exponentially. The same is true with the Pentecostal and protestant churches. Pentecostal pastors get rich very soon, within a few years after starting a local group.

    While i was a JW, I used to wonder how this can be.

  • sir82

    "Babylon the Grape" is doing quite well in this corner of the USA.

    There are multiple mega-churches here, each of which draw in the equivalent, or more, of a JW circuit assembly every week.

    Some are so large that they have satellite locations to watch the "main event" on a video screen. And they still outdraw JW circuit assemblies at those "remote" locations - every week!

    Oh, and they don't have to be cajoled or guilt-tripped into attending - they want to go.

    Meanwhile, most JW congregations struggle to reach 80% attendance on weekends, or 70% on weekdays.

  • Ireneus

    That means Law of Attraction seems to be working in the case of JWs too. According to Law of Attraction, one attracts according to what he really is, what he is in his heart, not according to what he superficially wants.

    JWs were saying all other religions would experience a 'drying up', and saying this repeatedly over the years, they attracted the same towards themselves--now it is they that experience 'drying up' with even major Branch offices being placed for sale.

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