Even if God exists…….

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  • Vidqun

    Redvip2000, I disagree. Humans are being used in experiments. The vaccines being dispensed to millions are part of a huge experiment. People are the guinea pigs. We are now in phase 2 of the experiment. Another phase to go (2-3 years). By the way, their experiment has no control group, which makes it invalid. There was no placebo group. They inoculated all subjects with the real thing.

    The United States government is especially guilty of experimenting on people over the years. Remember when they allowed their troops to be close to an atomic bomb, to see what its effects would be.

    Numerous experiments which were performed on human test subjects in the United States are considered unethical, because they were illegally performed or they were performed without the knowledge, consent, or informed consent of the test subjects. Such tests were performed throughout American history, but most of them were performed during the 20th century (Wiki).
  • PaddyTheBaddy
    yeah but scientists don't use thinking human beings in his experiments. That would be considered criminal.
    So if Jellohoba is using humans for an experiment, then he is a monster with no ethical concerns.
    Just accept the fact that there is no god. Or if there is, he doesn't give a shit at all.

    The Nazi's and Japanese had no ethical concerns about using humans in their experiments. We get to view it a criminal because we won the war.

    A Scientist's Nazi-Era Past Haunts Prestigious Space Prize - WSJ

    As we speak the Chinese are experimenting on Muslims. Rewiring their thinking.

    China's Campaign of Repression Against Xinjiang's Muslims | HRW

    As to if it is morally correct to do so? it all depends upon where morality comes from. If there is no God, then everything is morally permissible. If you disagree, pick up either a gun or a pen.

  • waton

    think of evolution, living beings constantly experimenting with mutations, to establish the most successful.

    Creation as we see it, rewards success. to us it may be immoral, unfair. but success is rewarded. The deity must want it that way, because the way it is. but not success to excess. success in balance.

  • PaddyTheBaddy

    Creation as we see it, rewards success. to us it may be immoral, unfair. but success is rewarded. The deity must want it that way, because the way it is. but not success to excess. success in balance.

    This is what success in balance looks like. I'm not making light of this, but when it comes to morality, none of us are without blood on our hands. So all we can do is point a bloody finger at God and accuse him of being immoral.

    Some of these guys may actually be ruling in Afghanistan now.

    Boston.com / News / World / Middle East / Abuse of Iraqi prisoners

  • waton
    This is what success in balance looks like

    PTB. I had more in mind the balance between carbon intake and oxygen exhaling of plants, the vegetation and the herbivores, between eaters and the eaten. Between favouring your young, and excepting that everything will die, hopefully contribute by their demise, like stars do. giving us oxygen, carbon, even gold.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    Interesting question. When I visited the Louvre Museum in Paris, I was intrigued by how a Moabite tribe won a battle and gave all the glory to their god in a language very similar to that of the bible. Essentially, the god of the winning tribe is the "True God" and whatever that tribe did, it was his will. The bible is just that, the folkloric tales of a tribe that worshiped Yahweh. When they won a battle, it was his will. When they lost, he was punishing them.

    That explains why the loving god described by Jesus has nothing to do with the tribal God of the old testament.

    And yet, the majority of the religious people want a loving God; someone who cares about them individually and would never be as unjust to order the death of incent children and even people.

    As a result, main religions today don’t take a literalist view of the bible, they read its content within the context in which it was written and determines that God is a loving God. On the other hand, JWs and other fundamentalists groups reach similar conclusions about God, not by questioning the veracity of the story, but through complex reasoning that changes the meaning of what happened or what was said.

    But in the end, if you read the bible at face value, it talks of a God with dual personalities. One of a lovable God who will forgive king Manasseh who repented late in life, but who killed the child of David and Bathsheba in retaliation for David’s actions.

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous

    Every God invented has human qualities. If you believe human qualities are always resulting in bad things, then God is by definition evil. Basically whether you believe in God or not is a question on whether you believe in the good or evil of humanity. Both versions are valid in my opinion.

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