The weekly Watchtower LIE

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  • biblexaminer

    Watchtower Magazine Feb. 2017 Study Ed. Page 25 Paragraph 8

    Studied at all Kingdom Halls worldwide in the last week of April 2017

    8 In the late 19th century, Charles Taze Russell … Zion’s Watch Tower Tract Society … with Brother Russell as president. … He discerned that Christ would return invisibly and that “the appointed times of the nations” would end in 1914.


    Watchtower Magazine bound Volume No. 1 (1879-1887) May, 1881 ed. Page 223

    “.. the evidence is so abundant and clear that we must believe it… the special prophetic argument which proved that harvest and presence to begin in the autumn of 1874”

  • biblexaminer

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  • Ding

    How convenient that claim "the invisible return of Christ" and the "end of the appointed times of the nations" cannot be tested by evidence.

    Not only that, but they can be completely redefined.

    By their ambiguous wording, the GB makes it seem as though the organization has consistently taught the same "truth."

    In fact, they have changed their teachings quite significantly many times.

    1914 was supposed to be the farthest reach of worldly governments, not the time of the beginning of the end.

    No matter; in the world of the WT, "truth" is whatever the GB teaches today, and that "truth" can change tomorrow.

    Now with overlapping generations, even the teaching that Armageddon must come within the lifetime of the 1914 generation has been so redefined as to be meaningless.

    Time has shown the prophetic structure that launched the Bible Students movement and the Watchtower Society to be completely wrong, yet by its deceptive use of words the GB makes it seem as if the WT has been on the right path all along.

  • biblexaminer

    Excellent post Ding.

  • snowbird

    Excellent posts, both of you.


  • sir82

    Yeah, the notion that Jesus "returned invisibly in 1914" was not a BS/JW doctrine until long after Russell's death. He stuck with 1874 for his entire life.

  • biblexaminer

    Watchtower keeps the lie alive, like a juggler.

  • baker

    If a salesman at Bestbuy were to tell me to give him money for a new iPhone and that it would be delivered to me invisibly, I wouldn't stay another second in that store. Why do most JW,s swallow the invisible lie is beyond me. When the word "invisible" comes up, all kinds of red flags should go off in your brain. You could say "this is a no-brainer"

  • smiddy

    What other organization do you know of that changes , modifies , re-defines , their own previously published history as if it never happened , and then comes up with new interpretations of their former history.

    Shouldnt that raise some red flags as to their honesty ?

  • stuckinarut2

    Great thread!

    Yes, another case of history being re-written by the society!

    "When we said what we said, we actually meant to say what we now say we said"

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