Who Wore it Better?

by Wake Me Up Before You Jo-Ho 14 Replies latest social relationships

  • Vidiot
    Xanthippe - "Why is is that religious people are more obsessed with sex than everyone else?"

    'Cause everyone else is having more sex than they are.



  • blondie

    In my day in the late 60's, sisters were not to wear

    1) Slits even if ankle length with a slit to below the knee

    2) Backless dresses/implied spaghetti straps

    3) Sleeveless dresses or shirts

    4) Cleavage, check by bending over and seeing if another person (sister) could see down your top

    5) And even some brothers said that open toed shoes or sandals must be worn with nylons/stockings/pantyhose

    Please note that in my avatar I am wearing spaghetti straps.

  • sparky1

    "in my avatar I am wearing spaghetti straps."

    And I might add that no one can carry off a spaghetti strap better than you!

  • Xanthippe

    Yeah Vidiot it reminds me of H.L. Mencken who once defined Puritanism as “the haunting fear that someone somewhere is having a good time."

  • Vidiot
    Finkelstein - "That picture of that guy would give Anthony Morris a heart attack or maybe a woody if the rumour is true."

    The two are not necessarily mutually exclusive. :smirk:

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