Hypothetical question

by Olesatthewheel 12 Replies latest jw friends

  • carla

    What if nobody figured it out for a few years and the couple were considered very 'spiritual' and the guy ended up as an elder and then it was found out? I would love to be fly on the kh wall on that day.

  • 3rdgen

    Carla, What if this "spiritual couple" was invited to Bethel and he got promoted to GB 3.0 and THEN it came out that "she" was a "he" and the husband, of course, knew and concealed it all along. Hahaha

  • punkofnice

    The problem with 'what ifs' is that no one knows the answer until the scenario becomes real.

    Each BOE will make their own decisions based on the wishes of the biggest bully on the body....or whatever the legal department commands.

    Would it be likely that the transgender would take legal action against the cult, elders or its leaders? They fear losing money.

    Is the transgender person wealthy and able to grease the palms of cult leaders? Money is their god.

    Your question will never be answered until we see the practical application.

    However, who would choose to become a Jobo? They must be out of their loaf.

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