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  • Olesatthewheel

    So here’s a scenario:-

    What if a female underwent a sex change

    She now he met a nice new chap and got married.

    Both get interested walking past a trolly full of washtowels (hard to believe I know but stick with me). They both study and want to get baptised. Then they hit the elders with it - the sex change and they are now married! How would the toerags deal with that one?!

  • Xanthippe

    Don't you mean a male underwent a sex change?

  • Olesatthewheel


    I was waiting to see how long it would take someone to notice that!

    We’ll go with that then! Male is now a she and met a male and got married

    Sorry chaps for the confusion

  • 3rdgen

    When I was in the WT policy was to make the person live as the sex they were born. So theoretically, this couple could be accepted and baptized as long as "he" went back to living as a "she". Now that would be impossible if she was surgically changed to become a man.

    Watchtower would never recognize a marriage of the same sex. In order to be baptized, they would have to divorce and the transgender would probably be told he has to be celibate until the New system where Big J will restore him back to his original sex.

    Lots of people are told they must WAIT for the New System to be happy.

  • DesirousOfChange

    Watchtower says they must live as the sex they were born. If born a man, surgically becomes a "woman" and marries a woman, they must separate or divorce or at least be non-sexual.

  • blondie

    3rdgen, has it right. We had a person who was studying that was transgen and had had the operation. Not married though. They were told that had to live as the gender they had been born as and had to start now while studying if they wanted to get baptized in the future. Not get married until the new system (assuming that had died and been resurrected).

  • 3rdgen

    We had a transgender who became a woman. When she started studying she was told she had to use the male restroom and dress and act like a male. She was horrified and quit. Good!

  • rockemsockem
    If they looked like a male female couple they could just not tell. But why join in the first place. Its like saying some homosexual wanted to be Muslim, LOL Its like a Jew wanting to join the SS.
  • iwantoutnow

    DUDE! Your a United fan!!!
    So am I.

    Though I am soooo sick of the owners and and Woodward!

  • Simon

    It's an unlikely scenario because people typically chose the beliefs that that want to believe, not the other way round. People become JWs because it's the lifestyle they pick or they are at a low point and decide to take the opiate of "perfect eternal life" or "resurrected loved ones" without wanting any of that inconvenient "think it through" nonsense.

    Of course there are inevitably going to be some few people who end up in that situation - studying with the WTS and believing it is the truth is surely just more evidence of mental issues though?

    The WTS is as already stated - they would be expected to live and act as their birth gender (no different to someone who was gay).

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