We talk a lot about conditional friends on here

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  • Bonsai
    Great thread. All my thoughts have already been expressed. Money, politics and especially religion have divided humans since the beginning of time.
  • onightdivine
    Thanks for opening up this thread. This is making me rethink my idealistic concept of what a friend is.
  • LongHairGal


    I agree with you that all friendships have unspoken conditions (that somebody not kill your pets or steal from you, etc.)

    It is just that Jehovah's Witnesses go waayy beyond what is normal. Not only are they not friends, they barely make the grade as acquaintances - and dangerous ones at that. I realized that even when I was in - when I had to hide certain things in my house if certain individuals were dropping by. What kind of "friends" are these?

  • Rattigan350
    JWs don't have true friends because those friendships are conditional and depend on a person getting a certain number of hours in the ministry, meeting attendance or how one presents oneself at the meeting,
  • Lieu
    I'll chime in with: As a JW, you are not friends with the actual person, you are friends with the outward appearance the person emits. Half the time, you don't know who the person truly is. Too many have to put on a false persona to be "acceptable" among the group.

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