Reddit Post: Watchtower Appeals to Supreme Court

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    Finkelstein - "What the WTS is trying to do is stop the open availability of information through the lower courts to reveal information involving individuals of their membership with instances of pedophilia ... The reason should be obvious, one being that having this information available to lawyers who are representing their clients would instill a preconceived awareness that this information could be presented in court and used against the WTS."

    "Stop asking for internal documentation exposing our guilt! It's devastating to our protestations of innocence!!!"

    Finkelstein - "The connecting cover up or non disclosure by the WTS is making the WTS legally at fault and libel."

    The more they refuse to prove the requested documentation, the more guilty said documentation threatens to make them look.

    Screwed if they do, buggered if they don't.

    At this point, I think they're just procrastinating.

    Either that, or they view "libel" as preferable to "criminally negligent".

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    sir82 - "...What is the legal basis for arguing "clergy-penitent privilege" in the procedure used by JWs?"

    There isn't one, obviously.

    There is a legal tactic, though.

    It's called "stalling".

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