So I went to see my dad give a talk

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  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    You did well Stephane. Who knows what seeds you may have sown.

    Excellent links Perry. Thanks for those.

  • StephaneLaliberte
    Giordano: your showing respect for your Dad will come back as respect for you.

    You’d be surprised of what some JW take for granted. The first comment he made when he saw me is: “You didn’t bring your wife and two kids?” Still, in the end, he sent me a message expressing his gratitude that I had come. Also, a sister told me that she rarely saw my dad as happy as he was, most likely because I was there. So, I know he still appreciated it. Regardless, my kids are still a bit to young for that kind of mental manipulation.

    Giordano: maybe your Dad will trust you with his doubts.

    He actually already does. There are several things my dad don’t believe, and yet, he tags along as there are other things he deems more important that he does indeed believe. With time, as he is repeated the same things over and over again, he tends to forget (bury deep down) his doubts and go on with his ministry.

    He probably noticed you were there in support of him not necessarily in support of his beliefs

    That he knows. Still, he doesn’t know to which extent. He doesn’t know I am now agnostic. I never saw the point of telling him that. However, he knows how I do believe that JWs teachings are not in line with Christianity.

    Giordano: Though I did break down a bit with my mother-in-law's JW funeral talk. I got up well before it ended and walked out of the KH. I couln't take it anymore.

    Going through this is not easy. Unlike most in attendance, we can see through the double talks and manipulation and that makes it very difficult for us. I dread that one day, I will be sitting at such a talk for my Dad`s funeral thinking of all the harm this religion has done to him and our family. In the end, it is an abusive relationship where the abuser will be saying a few kind words about the abused all the while glorifying itself for the supposedly good things it has done for the abused.

    It will feel like a husband saying: “My wife found joy and happiness in me being a good earner, who allowed her to live at home knowing I was always there for her.” while the family knows he was slapping her around isolating her from everyone.

  • Vidiot
    jookbeard - "the concept of being a "friend of jeehovah just like Abraham did" is utterly stupid and an insult to the intelligence, how would anyone want to be a friend with an angry,bloodthirsty,perverted,bad tempered spirit creature who has never accepted the fuck ups that she/he has caused throughout history and likes to play the blame game is beyond me, I'd drop that asshole like a hot brick"

    There are always those who'll prefer to curry favor with a tyrant, rather than the alternative.

  • redvip2000
    For instance, he was saying that you can be friends with Jehovah and get to know him like Abraham did.

    Well i rather be friends with a rock. After all, if i'm going to be friends with something that does not speak or answer questions, and does not help me and interact with me in any way, then I much rather be friends with a rock. At least i know the rock exists.

  • sporece

    Jealous God that if you don't love him enough he'll kill you or fry you in hell for eternity.

    God is love :)

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