LEAKED: WHQ Financial Contacts meeting ref.2018-2019

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  • mikeflood

    Kind of weird after all those leaked videos about WT's finances, still, in this year of the Lord 2018, they say don't have a good auditing process, practically no use of budgets, infighting between departments, special petty projects, delayed decisions about subcontracting, people with checkbooks or credit cards around with not too much internal control....there is no wonder why they're having all those problems with income and expenses....

  • lastmanstanding


    “...what they did use was a kingdom hall was being closed and some people had to go to north and some to south“

    I wonder if you are thinking about the one I am thinking about. It was the very first quick build in a certain country. I won’t mention it by name, YET... as I desire it all to ‘go down’ according to how WT wants it too. I want to see the “north” and the “south” choke on it. Only then, perhaps, will some open their eyes.

    Here’s a short rundown on the ongoings, of ‘da nort and da sout’....

    1) The WT in this particular country is in sad shape. They have much more bank debt than they have reserves, and hence are under water. (Have they received a deman letter?)

    2) They are identifying Kingdom Hall properties that can be liquidated for cash, the more, the better.

    3) The WT saw the news that in this particular city, small but growing rapidly, there are 5 developers that purchased a large parcel of yet unserviced farmland for the purpose of building residential housing.

    4) The north and the south Congo’s have a Kingdom Hall right accross the street from the soon to be developed farmland.

    5) The WT approached the 5 delelopers to see who wanted to bid on the Kingdom Hall.

    6) One developer wished to build a multi story building on the land, but there existed a Kingdom Hall on this parcel.

    7) The WT’s assigned property gestapo made a counter offer that included the Kingdom Hall being cleared of the site. The deal was struck

    8) The “North” and the “South” were sent packing, they must go 40 min more north and 40 min more south each, to share other Kingdom Halls.

    9) The two could Congo’s were told that they would demolish the existing Kingdom Hall and a new one would be built. But they did NOT say that it would be built ‘on the same site’... when all will be said and done, the 2 Congo’s will be told “new light” has dawned and there is actually no need for a new hall, as the “sharing” has proved beneficial to the good news.

    10) The north and the south will have been stripped of their Kingdom Hall, but not until all volunteer labor is used to demolish the old hall and clear the site, for the developer, all the while the volunteers believing that a new hall will be built there.

    I believe that the papers with the developer has been signed and the deposit cashed. No going back WT.

  • Bobcat


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