Crying at the Kingdom Hall these past 2 weeks

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  • James Jack
    James Jack

    I didn't go to the first Sunday(7/14/19) Meeting discussing "Child Abuse". But I did ask a Sister who I work with: How did it go at the Watchtower Study yesterday? She said: "I cried throughout the meeting". I said Why? Her reply: "when I was 15, married Brother F, who was taking a shower at our house(he was doing repair work at the house with her brother), came to my room with a towel wrapped around his waist(her brother was in the shower), and he made me watch him watch him masterbate to completion, hoping that I would be turned on and do the same in return in front of him.

    I was on that Committee the reproved Brother F. Our young Sister was as innocent as they come. At this point, I apologized to her for my lack of apathy and sensitivity. I explained the mindset of the Elders. "First of all, the Elders are not Doctors or skilled Therapists. In fact, all those on the body of Elders are just High School graduates! And second, I hate to say this, but our thinking was, He didn't touch her, no harm, no foul".

    I then asked her: " How come your dad didn't call the police?". Her reply, "The Elders told him there was no need to report this to the police, because the discipline from the congregation would be enough".

    I decided to go to this past Sunday Meeting for the lesson on "Comfort for victims of Child Abuse". I first noticed that almost half of the congregation was missing. As the lesson got going on, Two Sisters in front of me got up at least five different times, wiping their tears away. It was quite a distraction. After the meeting, many in the congregation went over to these two hugging them and comforting them. To be continued...

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    The org's chickens are coming home to roost.

  • nonjwspouse

    Wow, that is a big step for that kind of meeting to be called. I wonder if they realize the “can of worms” that will be opened? I wonder if it is an attempt to control these victims further by assuring them they have no need to go to authorities?

  • Vidiot
    nonjwspouse - "... I wonder if they realize the 'can of worms' that will be opened..."

    Personally, I think the can's already opened, and that the problem is becoming publicized enough that they felt compelled to enact some "damage control" (like they did after the Dateline thing back in '02).

    Make no mistake; they have no real intention of changing their policies.

    They simply want to minimize the amount of internal fallout by convincing the rank-and-file that it's not really a problem.

    "...assuring them they have no need to go to authorities..."

    I'm sure they would prefer that, and (somehow) think that's what'll happen, despite the #metoo era.

  • ToesUp

    Thank you for sharing that James. We have been out for over 6 years so we do not get to see what is going on in the inside.

    Seeing the reaction of the sisters crying, makes you wonder, how many people have actually been sexually abused and nothing was done about it.

  • James Jack
    James Jack


    My thoughts exactly! In my 20 plus years of being an Elder, I was on 3 different child sexual abuse cases, none reported to the police. If this was an average of each congregation in each of the 100,000 congregations in the US, that would mean 300,000 unreported cases!

  • zeb

    JJ all the more reason for the US to hold a full commission of inquiry into the matter as we held here in Australia.

    and the tears.. I can only wonder at my uber wife's response to this article as she must have considered the abuse her/our own suffered a the hands of that 'perfect' brother.

  • James Jack
    James Jack


    The Witnesses rarely use any critical thinking. One needs to stop, ponder digest this information and be outraged at these numbers!!!

  • blondie

    I am glad that the secular authorities are investigating child sexual cases and organizations behind concealing it more aggressively. All organizations. I am also more concerned about the victims, getting them professional help, being an individual support to and/or ex-jws we know personally or through the media. Strengthening the laws in the world outside the WTS is what will really get this more dealt with even in the WTS, helping organizations in the forefront of the fight, and making it a topic of discussion with politicians with the legal base to make laws to combat this.

    There are many organizations like the WTS, and many more children and adults outside the WTS. So helping and keeping those in positions to fight child sexual abuse informed is just as important than bringing it against just one organization.

    My focus is on those individuals hurt by this. Making an organization accountable is just a beginning.

  • Vidiot
    James Jack - "The Witnesses rarely use any critical thinking."

    Most don't even know what the term actually means.

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