do they take single females in bethel now?

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  • Amazing

    They have for over 20 years. A Pioneer sister friend of mine was also a skilled plumber. She moved to Bethel and was assigned to do plumbing on both new construction and maintenance. Another Pioneer sister, who was the daughter of a friend of mine went to Bethel and worked in housekeeping and some administration. She met a brother who was also a friend of mine. They married and were allowed to stay at Bethel as a married couple. - Jim Whitney

  • got my forty homey?
    got my forty homey?

    When I was in Bethel I served in the Construction Plumbing department in 1987-1988. I remember a single sister who was in our department who was a kick ass plumber. At the time she worked at the Bossert Hotel reconstruction project.

    I use to go there to delivery stuff and sometimes lend a hand when they fell behind, that was a horrible work site. Tight and cramped and stinky.

  • Amazing

    Hi Forty,

    PM me if you recall her last name ... I just don't want to give it out in public since the Watchtower goons monitor this site. Thanks, Jim W.

  • Joyzabel

    It depends on what skill they want. They've taken signle sisters for many, many years.


    Also see the thread about sending bethelites to law school. Been doing that since the 70's also.

  • Azalo

    do they have their own dorm or how do they do that? is this kind of kept on the down low cause my sister has wanted to go to bethel her whole life and has always been told she cant because she is single. she doesnt have a skill since she follwed the WT's advice and pioneered after HS.

  • larc

    In 1938, they took in a married woman who abandoned her husband back in Ohio. She did not start as a house keeper. She started on Rutherford's staff as his "dietician". She travelled with him to European conventions in the summer and went with him to Beth Sarim in the winter. I guess she was an acception to the rule back in those days.

  • stillajwexelder

    And if said single female has a particular skill that is needed, she will almost certainly be accepted into Bethel

  • Mulan

    I have a JW niece, pioneer....................who wanted to go to Bethel, and was in school to become a Dental Hygienist. They told her they would bring her right in when she finished school. She got married instead, but doesn't talk to us so I know nothing else. She and her mother live in Wisconsin, so it doesn't matter anyway. (my brother's ex wife and daughter)

  • orangefatcat

    Actually the rule of thumb, is that the WatchTower Socitey doesn't except single sisters. I applied years ago and that is what they told me, They did mention that if I were married and had a skilled husband then it would be easier to get into to Bethel.

    I am glad I was not accepted as it was told to me that life in Bethel life is rigid and is really hard and difficult for anyone. Your health had to be next to perfect...

    So I was glad I was turned down.

    Love OrangefatcatOrange Fat Cat 15

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