144,000 & The Trinity

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    NikL ยป God the Father, Jesus, and the Holy spirit are all different manifestations of GOD. God in heaven as a spirit is the father. That's why no one has seen him but the son. God in the form of man so that man can see him and understand God the father is Jesus.

    Yes, all are God. When God said, "Man had become one of us, "he was speaking of all men. There are three Elohim that make up God. But the way Jesus explained it was that they were ONE in purpose, not one God wearing three hats. He prayed concerning the Twelve, "that THEY may be ONE, even as WE are ONE." Since the Twelve weren't one apostle wearing twelve hats, God isn't one God wearing three hats.

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    Old Navy

    Since "The Trinity" is not a Biblical teaching there is no Biblical requirement to support it; all that is necessary Biblically is to believe that there is a Heavenly Father; a Son and a Holy Spirit. Even when the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. by vote decided upon the Doctrine of The Trinity there was not complete agreement. In fact, there hasn't been since either. Initially, those who refused to believe the new doctrine of The Trinity were persecuted and executed. Thankfully, that no longer happens but the emotional levels of disagreement can often elevate to nearly that outcome.

    The 144,000 will know who they are and what they must do. It is not up to them just as it wasn't up to Saul on the road to Damascus.

    I have found these explanations to be very helpful:

    The Great Commission, Part 1

    The Great Commission, Part 2

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