Female JW parking "attendants"

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  • steve2

    Even though men can aspire to positions of power in patriarchal organizations, those who don't are often patronized and even criticized. Why do these men allow themselves to be demeaned in this way and quietly just shut up and put up with it?

    Because many, if not most of them, have been raised to view the patriarchal arrangement was Jehovah-approved - it is the lens through which they view the "wicked" world.

  • sir82

    People park every day without someone pointing... its amazing


    Well sure, but can they park without someone waving one arm in a circle while pointing with the other?

    I think not.


  • Lost in the fog
    Lost in the fog

    They've been doing it in the UK for years. And are more amenable than the brothers who were more likely to park you in a pothole or so close to the car next to yours that your car party had to exit via the sunroof!

  • punkofnice

    These are the types of threads that remind me how insane the WBT$ corporation is.

    I remember one rural congregation, where the congregation consisted of 3 in-bred pig farmers and their dog fido, sisters were 'allowed' to carry the microphone pole. Fido gave the best answers.

  • FedUpJW

    so close to the car next to yours that your car party had to exit via the sunroof!

    Or as I had to do when I took my elderly parents who were both handicapped to the Big Hoopla in 2014...made us park one-half mile (US) away from the building in the middle of a field! Every single designated handicap parking space in the lot next to the building had been taped off and reserved for...YOU GUESSED IT...the big wheels on the CONvention!!

    Probably illegal, and these days I would photograph it and file a complaint with the American DOJ for an ADA violation.

  • _Morpheus

    Thats definitely a violation of the law and was in 2014. They probably had designated handicapped parking somewhere, even if it wasnt the spaces the stadium had designated. Id also bet it wasnt marked very well and was easy to miss. Id also bet nobody spoke up and offered to point you in the right direction... often times that information was on the maps sent to the congregations in advance but wasnt disseminated very well. No excuses, that shows the utter failure of the “parking attendants” to not point you in the right direction. As the meme world would say, “you had one job”

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