JW stopped me in the street.....

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  • Phizzy

    He pulled up in his car beside me and asked for directions, then he recognized me, we used to be in the same Congo.

    The usual pleasantries, I gave him directions, and then "When are you going to come back then" he asks.

    "Never" I say, "Well, it has all changed" he says, " It's not like it used to be" I detect a tone of regret.

    "But you know there is nowhere else to go" he boldly proclaims.

    "Yes there is !" say I, "There is somewhere where you can find Truth, and Truth is supported by Facts and Evidence "

    He had to drive off then as he was blocking a narrow street, I did not get time to say " Go to JW Facts.com", I will tell him next time.

  • purrpurr

    Shame he didn't elaborate

  • scratchme1010
    "But you know there is nowhere else to go"

    Sadly, they truly believe that.

  • Vidiot
    "...But you know there is nowhere else to go..."

    Why would we need to "go" anywhere?

  • jp1692

    You know there is nowhere else to go ...

    ... as he drives away. Oh, the irony. It's palpable!

  • Finkelstein

    Good reactive response Phizzy

    Truth and intellectual honesty will always trump pretentious truths, ignorance and corruption orchestrated by a religious publishing house .

    Also good that you pointed out JWfacts.

  • sparrowdown

    Poor sad JWs don't know that truth is a way of being not a book a building or a website.

  • stuckinarut2


    Some people just have to belong to some group. They need a sense of belonging - even if it's not true.

    They can't even comprehend the idea of not being a part of something. It's their "club"

    Facts and evidence and truth have no bearing on such ones.

  • Listener

    It makes you wonder what the average JW feels when they attend the meetings these days. Long gone are the days when one meeting was held in a persons home as a very small group. Now the meetings are taken up with a lot of pre-recorded videos presented by people they don't personally know, or even worse, by shadow figures or cartoons.

    Not even the songs are sung without looking at a screen. It's become more impersonal. Soon, if not already, they'll have all their personal details logged on a computer system.

  • Perry

    Thanks for posting this little bit of insight on WT culture these days. I voluntarily left in Nov. of '95 for reasons of conscience.

    A recently faded ex-JW told me recently that I would not even recognize the meetings if I were to go back to visit now.

    Are they not even using songbooks now Listener? I knew about the prerecorded viceos in place of live parts. It all makes me want to go visit just to see for myself.

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