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  • SloppyMcFloppy
    Thanks for the replies!! Yes im glad i found the site... I understand all religion is bs and big business however i do think there is a spot for religion in some peoples lifes. Im just glad i took the big step and reprogrammed my brain from years of brainwashing many years ago from jw... i have many friends who are catholic and about to marry one.. i would like to raise my family in some religon as i see it good for morals.... however i would never get fanatical about religon again and take every thing with a grain of salt.. i have seriously thought about converting but feel like its a big step...
  • smiddy

    Thanks Sloppy for cluing us in on your reasons for posting your thread. It makes sense .However , their is always a however isn`t there . Sorry.`bout that .

    If you are just going to become a Catholic because the girl you love is a R.C. and you do not really believe in it , is that being honest with yourself ? or honest with your future wife ? Is that a good basis for marriage.?

    It`s a fallacy to think that only religion , no matter which one , instills good morals .Think Islam and its extremism ,think Catholics and Protestants in Ireland , and you could go on and on , and on .over the Centuries ,

    It is also a fallacy to think that Atheists / Agnostics do not have good morals .

    Morals are not dependant on religion of one belief or another .that is a fallacy.

    Proof of that is the different morality of all the major religions of the world today.

    If your future wife insists she will only marry you if you become a Catholic , what does that say about her , and her love for you , and if you agree to her demands , what does that say about you.


  • Sledge Hammer
    Sledge Hammer

    I converted 2 years ago.

    Long time I struggled to break free from religion, but after all, I can't. So I decided to accept this part of me. As a child, I was raised in the catholic church (my first 5 years) and I enjoyd it. Children are very sensual, spiritual Human beings. My family, especially my Grandmother, was very committed in charitable work, so we learned to take care for each other. I was raised up by my Grandma very, very beloved.

    But then, the Horror began, Hell on earth. My Mother decided to become a Mormon, that lasts one year. Before baptism, the witnesses rang at our door and so my mother became, instead of a mormon, a JW.

    With this day violence broke in my life, I didn't know before. Never ever in my life I felt so lonely like on holidays, special on Christmas, which is simultaneously my birthday. My childhood as a little JW was a very depressed one, I felt I was dying and never thought to reach the age of 20. I was convinced I'd die very, very young. I was baptised at the age of 16, only to feel once in a lifetime my mothers' hand of grace on my head.

    But, oh miracle, I grew older and at the age of 181/2 I packed my things (a little suitcase) and went off from home over night.

    In short, I'm 48 years old. It took me so long, to accept, that I'm a spiritual person and I know, the decision, becoming a catholic again, has much with this to do, retrieving the first 5 years of my beautiful childhood. On the other hand, it was a strike back!

    But I'm no longer a child and I won't close my eyes, that there are also many critical points (mines are for example sacraments/divorced people, women/priest, marriage/priest, marriage/gay people, the way, the church handled childabuse...) I thought, if it wouldn't be better, to become a member of the Old Catholic church, but: they don't need me. They got it already. So, I'm working on a change in the catholic church ;-)

    This is my way and it brought me peace of mind. I can live my spirituality and enjoy the sensual things like smell and bells, coulors, praying and singing together with other people.

    Don't turn back to fundamentalism, keep in mind, there are thousands, millions of different ways for different people. Honour every single person the way he/she is.

    I hope, you'll understand my bad writing. Wish you all the best and take your time.

    At that point (I was 6/7)

  • cofty
    i would like to raise my family in some religon as i see it good for morals....

    Please explain the connection between morals and religion - Catholicism in particular.

    If you like I will make the opposite case.

    Guess who has the easier task.

  • cofty

    This would be 2 hours well spent...


  • Ucantnome

    I visited a few churches. I would probably choose Catholicism if I was to choose any.

    my father had a bible study with a chap for several years many years ago and he came to the hall never baptized eventually he told my father he was going to become a Catholic and ended the study.

  • Bonsai
    I'm not a Catholic, but...I've heard Catholicism is great! Church twice a year, Christmas and Easter. You can get away with almost anything as long as you confess your sins. Do the sign of the cross on your chest once in a while to show your piousness and BOOM! your saved. Cheap ticket to heaven eh?
  • never a jw
    never a jw

    Catholicism is better if you want greater freedom. It's worse if you, as I do, dislike all the rituals.

    It seems that you still believe the Bible is the word of God. At this point you are better off practicing Christianity away from organized religion. The most common path out of JW's religion is atheism or agnosticism. Try it. It offer the best answers, that is, if you are a critical thinker.

  • Athanasius

    Hi SloppyMcfloppy,

    Seven years after leaving the JWs I was confirmed in the Anglican Church (Catholic lite). Anglican services are similar to the RC Church, but we have a married clergy. However, since you're planning to marry a Roman Catholic, the RC Church may be a better choice for you.

  • HappyDad

    An ex JW poster here returned to the Catholic church. Jeff Schwehm is his name and you can Google and find out about him. He was also a guest on EWTN (the Catholic cable TV show) to talk about it. You also can check out his posts here. Another person who became Catholic is Tom Cabeen. Tom was one of the top group of people who were purged from Brooklyn bethel in the early 1980's with Ray Franz and Randy Waters. Tom was an overseer in the printing department. Both Tom and Jeff are fine examples of ex JW's living their lives in peace and happiness since they escaped the cult.


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