clinking of glasses

by sosad1 17 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • eyeuse2badub

    Every f*cking thing has either a religious, political, or military origin! Except wedding anniversaries---right?

    just saying!

  • stillin

    Those evil pagans used to breathe, too! Maybe we should stop practicing things that the ancient pagans did!

  • blondie

    jws are always straining out the gnat and gulping down the camel.

  • zeb

    clinking is to me a gentle little bonding thing and I agree with you allthat the wt swallows the camel but strains out the gnat.

  • road to nowhere
    road to nowhere

    I thought it was to drive demons away. Same for wind chimes

    Actually acknowledging a shared experience

  • Hairtrigger

    When I clink

    I think

    Of the golden elixir

    I’m about to drink

    Damn the JW’s

    ‘N their superstitious drivel

    Glass on glass ain’t no evil

    Nor is lip to lip

    From mine to glass’s tip

    C’mon man I think its hip!

    So clink the crystal and drink the drink

    ain’t rocket science

    no need to think

    Fcuk the GB- The JW’s Can fcuk one another

    you can clink my glass

    ( they kin kiss my arse)

    For I’ll have another!!!

  • tiki

    Here's to you all...clink clink clink....cheers! A votre sante! Skoal!!

    (never paid any heed to that silly "rule" anyway..)

  • pale.emperor

    It was never allowed when I was a kid with any of the families that I knew. One time a non-JW guest at our house did it and my mum put a tea towel on her head and started praying to Jehovah for protection from bad spirits.

    He must have thought we were mental.

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