As an Ex JW now, how would you react if you met your Bible study conductor?

by EverApostate 22 Replies latest jw experiences

  • EverApostate


    I was a JW for 11 years , came to know TTATT and wrote my disassociation letter 5 years ago. Since then I had been an atheist and trying all I can to spread awareness for “still in” members. My wife and mom are still JWs and I do get along with them perfectly. Very often I would imagine how to react if I come across the people who took Bible Studies for me, which eventually led to my baptism as a JW.

    There were 3 people involved in my JW conversion. Two of them took Bible studies and another was a great motivator. They are all still fervent JWs. If I get a chance to meet them again, Can I politely tell them that I wasn’t taught the real history about JWs and this Eventually led to me exiting it ? Any Similar experiences?

  • freddo

    If I met my study conductor I'd run for the hills - he's been dead over five years!

  • HereIgo

    If it were me, I would just let it go. You mentioned that they are still fervent so its unlikely that you will get through. However, if they initiated conversation with you and inquired why you left, I think it would be appropriate to politely tell them why. Just my 2 cents.

  • EverApostate


    Also, I haven't met my BS conductors for nearly 20 years and they may or may not be aware that I became an Apostate. Highly likely to meet them soon, at my home town in India. They were indeed good people and that's why I even think about this

  • Angel of the north
    Angel of the north

    I would ask her "why did you lie to me all those years ago ,you told me that jws don't babtize children,you told me that jws never ask for money ,you told me my sons would never get to junior school(both married men now), you told me that we could leave our children with any jw and no harm would come to them, you told me that the new system was imminent (1984),you told me that jws don't get involved with politics and the UN" ..there's more I could ask her but she would of ran away by the 3rd question

  • tepidpoultry

    No one studied with me, I was alone, the religion was just there (I was born in) It was the "understanding" that they were RIGHT and that the whole world was WRONG!! and BAD!! This attitude had a pretty strong effect on me, but no, no one, I remember they had me study with another kid when I was 6, maybe he'!l write in lol,


  • jookbeard

    Freddo LOOL!

  • EverApostate

    Thanks all. Yes, I am truly willing to have a polite and firm conversation with them, asking them about all the black History of WT.

  • Funchback

    I would simply tell him (Larry Williamson):

    "Hey, Mr. Williamson. That whole JW thing? It didn't take".

    He's got to be 80ish. He kind of looked like Farrakhan. He was the kindest soul I ever met in that religion. He wasn't at all like many die-hards. And when I was a kid, he always took me to Friendly's restaurant for ice cream whenever we worked out in service together. If anyone would ever have woken up, I imagine it would be him. I have lost touch with him as he moved away a long time ago.

  • Bungi Bill
    Bungi Bill

    I am not at all sure how I would react, although I am in no doubts what I would really like to say to him.

    That would include such things as what he said about 1975, how he stopped me from going to university, and later how he made me abandon my apprenticeship. (Or in general, how he managed to screw my life around).

    However, I know that if we were ever to meet up again, this person would not even speak to me, so none of the above is going to happen!

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