6 New Kingdom Halls Built In The US This Year

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  • Wakanda

    Thank you for sharing what you know, James Jack.

  • under the radar
    under the radar

    Interesting to note that Memphis is one of the places where a congregation's building fund was raided and their existing Hall was sold off. (Guess where the money went.) Now that congregation is being forced to meet at the same ramshackle Hall located in a bad area miles away that a number of other congregations have also been sentenced to. Many older ones simply cannot travel the distance or are afraid to be in that area after dark (or anytime, really). Oh yeah... that congregation's promised new Hall has been canceled. They're now being pushed to sell the property they previously bought for their new Hall and send the money to their masters in New York. If you point any of this out, though, you get the stink eye and are tagged as a trouble-making apostate.

  • darkspilver

    At the meeting, The one conducting also said that "Halls that are less than 25 miles from each other only having 1 or 2 assigned, will be closely looked at as to whether they could be reassigned to another hall, and the Kingdom Hall sold off. That way dedicated funds are better utilized."

    25 miles??

    Interesting - if the GB directs that the same methodology is used in the UK, then I believe that EVERY Kingdom Hall that has just one (or even two congregations) currently using it, is within a 25 mile radius of another Hall being used by only one (or maybe two congregations).... With the vast majority of KHs within a much closer proximity - so this would likely effect EVERY KH/Congregation unless they're already in a KH used by three congregations....

  • JRK

    The GB must have had a few wild weekends in Vegas!


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