No meetings memorial week

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  • JWTom

    ScenicViewer - I agree, you hit the nail on the head. Also, I think you have to acknowledge that anytime you have mutliple meeting stacked up together like weekday meeting, memorial/annual meeting, Sunday meeting, Circuit Assy then the attendance at some of them suffers. From a purely mathematical standpoint, cancelling some of the meetings that are negatively affected around memorial, Circuit Assy or other special events will serve to improve the numbers at the meetings that remain. In our Cong. in the US, right after assembly or memorial our meeting attendance falls significantly for a couple of weeks.

    Also, there is the reality that some of these events will likely go away completely in the not too distant future. Simply a lot cheaper to meet in KH, not at facilities.....


    While the sarcasm is growing stale, I agree with Morpheus. I never donated a dime on JW Oscar night, err, umm..Memorial Night.

    All my money went to the stellar meal afterwards, usually at a classy establishment like Applebee’s or Ruby Tuesday’s.


  • Incognito

    I seem to recall, years ago, midweek meetings being commonly cancelled during week of memorial. Perhaps it depended on which weeknight the memorial occurred on. Our congregation shared a KH with another Cong but I don't ever recall bookstudy or ministry school being rescheduled to a normally non-meeting night (Mon, Wed, Fri or Sat).

    For sure, there was no school or service meeting when there was a circuit assembly that coming weekend. Then again, CAs had then started on Friday evening and were held over the entire weekend including Saturday evening.

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