hi, I am new, God bless all.

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  • return of parakeet
    return of parakeet
    I believe in peace on Earth too. I believe in God and Jesus and angels.

    Well, for goodness sakes, bless your sweet little heart. I wouldn't hang around this forum, if I were you and wanted to keep believing in cherubs and unicorns and other little floaty things. You might get your wings a bit singed.


  • steve2

    parakeet - against my better judgement, you had me on the floor laughing and I almost lost the coffee I had just had. Made my day!

  • sparrowdown

    No. Beauty contestants want "peace on earth" JWs want mass destruction of all non-JWs!

    Buyer beware!

  • punkofnice

    I wonder if Danny boy will be back?

  • Ruby456

    Hi daniel

    over at futureLearn they are offering free courses and you may find one in web design.

    welcome back parakeet

  • smiddy3

    Is it just me or am I being paranoid in thinking there seems to be an influx of trolls joining lately ?

    Could it be a conspiracy of the Borg for some reason or other ?

    Just asking.

  • punkofnice

    smiddy3 - Is it just me or am I being paranoid in thinking there seems to be an influx of trolls joining lately ?

    I was thinking something similar. I s'pose at least it keeps us critically thinking and any genuine jobo reading these replies might be enlightening. (Yes. I know. Fat chance).

  • pale.emperor

    Yes, Jehovahs are all about peace on earth. This is their idea of Jesus... by the way, this is from one of their books intended FOR CHILDREN...

  • redpilltwice

    Daniel, welcome to this forum. You seem to be a happy, positive person that really wants to believe and also feels attracted to JW's and you have that right BUT...to make an informed decision before you go any further, make sure you use all the info on this forum and other sites, such as jwfacts.com, ad1914.com, watchtowerdocuments.org, jwsurvey.org etc. After thoroughly learning what is (unscriptural) bullshit and what is not, you might come to the conclusion that is will be impossible to identify as a JW and go door-to-door. Telling religious lies to people is cruel and might lead those who are uninformed, mentally instable, sensitive or need structure and a goal in life to a point where they will be lurked into what just feels and sounds good without knowing about the long list of WT's scandals (including sexual/child abuse) failed prophecies, half truths, misquotations, intellectual dishonesty etc. By not becoming a "real" member you will protect yourself from risks involving a tiring routine which will cost you time, energy, money and sometimes your (mental) health, shunning, ban of blood transfusion, interference of elders, judical committees etc.

    Choose well my friend!

  • Jayk

    I don't think JW say god bless.

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